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When students are looking for every dollar available to help cover college costs, the amount of merit aid that they are eligible for can play a big role. Merit aid and awards are given to students based upon their academic and extracurricular successes leading up to college. Key factors playing into this are GPA, SAT and ACT scores, club activities, and community service. Since most merit aid is provided directly from a college or university, there can be a number of other factors that help decide which students are recipients of the available funds (remember… don’t confuse Merit-Based aid with Need-Based aid).

You can take time to review the financial aid websites of every college you are interested in attending and discern your eligibility for their different merit aid scholarships  -OR- you can just visit and let them do the work for you.
has taken the time to put together a scholarship database representing over 1,800 colleges nationwide. This database houses nearly 23,000 merit based scholarship programs and boasts the combined value to be about $11 Billion dollars. Not too shabby huh?

To gain the maximum impact of you will want to set up an account and highlight some of your strong suits. will take the information you provide and try to match it up with merit-based scholarship programs (and the schools that provide them). The hope is that they help you to find a good “financial-fit” school based upon the estimated amount of merit aid that you may be able to receive. It is not a perfect science but it is a noble approach none-the-less.

If you really don’t like the idea of setting up an account on, don’t fret… They have all the same great information available without having to log into an account. It just requires you to do a little more searching on your own.

If you already have your colleges narrowed down, the non-account search version of’s database is probably just what you need. You can look up each one of your prospective schools and see what kind of merit-based scholarship programs they offer. If something jumps out at you, I would suggest you drop a call to that college’s financial aid office and inquire a little more. While you are on the phone with the financial aid staff, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and ask them about any other newly released scholarship programs being introduced. Who knows.. you may stumble upon a great merit based scholarship program that makes your financial stretch school turn into more of a checkbook friendly option.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you know of any college bound students that may benefit from this article, be sure to use the “share tab” below to pass it along.

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  2. Platon S Plakar Jr says:

    I need a scholarship to make me achieved my educational aspirations. Please email me a details of You program.
    Thank you,
    Platon S Plakar Jr.

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