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Making Your Degree Work For You

A college degree is only beneficial if it leads to a job after graduation. Whether you receive an English degree or a physics degree, you face the daunting task of searching and applying for a job when you graduate from college. While the job search process may seem daunting, there are steps you can take to make finding a job in your degree field much easier. You have put in the hard to work to earn the degree, so it is time to make your degree work for you.

Do not wait until after you graduate to start the job search process. Take advantage of the career office at your college or university to find potential business contacts in your field, create a stellar resume and participate in mock interviews to prepare you for the job market. For example, if you are currently taking computer programming classes, contact members of your school’s alumni association who currently work as computer programmers and ask for their advice on finding a job in the field.

Build up as much experience as you can before beginning your job search. Take an unpaid internship that relates to your future career. Volunteer with a non-profit organization that could provide you with valuable insight into your future career field. Read as many books as possible written by some of the top individuals in your desired career field. Become proficient using as many computer programs or specialized software programs as possible and include those skills on your resume to set you apart from other employees.

Promote yourself as the ideal candidate for the job. Create detailed profiles on popular social networking websites that make you appear to be a professional and someone who is more than qualified for a job in your field. Create a list of companies you would like to work for and get to know these companies inside and out by talking to former and current employees and reading company profiles. Use any connections you have to get interviews or have someone put in a good word for you.

Network every chance you get. Whether you’re at a job fair or standing in line at the gas station, always keep your eyes open for a chance to network. Ask for business cards, and make sure that people you talk to know your skill set and qualifications. With all of the changes that have happened in the job market over the last few years, it is important that you use every opportunity at your disposal to make an impression on potential employers; one thing that will always catch their eye and secure a place for you in their memory is an obvious desire to put your skills to use.

Getting a job in your field is not as simple as filling out applications and sitting through interviews. To make your degree work for you, you have to put in some work. By taking the steps to position yourself as the ideal job candidate and network with those in your desired industry, you will not have to settle for less than the job of your dreams.

Today’s guest article was provided by Joseph Baker.

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