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What’s Your Passion? Get a Degree in Making a Difference

collegedegree1People are joining careers that parallel their passions today more than ever.  Maybe, it’s the influence of quotable leaders, the movie industry creating movies that encourage people to “live their dreams”, or education making it easier to obtain a degree that encourages and focuses on the dreams of the student.  Whatever the case may be there are more and more degrees and influences out there that are allowing us to follow our dreams.

If you were to ask a teenager what they want to be when they grow up you may get some broad answers.  It seems that our culture is steering more towards the entertainment or athletic fields, however you may get others that simply say “I want to make a difference”.

Although following your passion may not always be the most lucrative decision, here are a few degrees that allow us to make an impact in our lives and the lives of others after a few years of commitment.  Whether online or in person you can find a degree that supports your career in making a change.

Degrees in Health

A degree in any health field makes a difference.  Whether you want to be more hands on with a degree as a Clinical Nurse or as RNA you will be making a difference every time you clock in.  The best part about this degree is that once a bachelor degree is obtained you have the chance to advance your qualifications and education with online classes in a number of different concentrations.

Degrees in Education

A degree in any education field allows you to “mold the future”, not only of this country, but the world.  The down fall about a degree in education has always been how much money you will make, however there are programs overseas that allow you to work in international schools were teaching is respected and contracts are more stable.  Whether you obtain a degree in Elementary Education or Secondary Education, you can advance your education online while you are working and are often able to use your own work as projects for your master degree.  TEFL certifications are also available if this is a career that you know you want and allows you to leap frog the college path.

Degree in Public Administration

There are very few of us that know from a young age that what we want to do is make a difference locally.  We often think of making a difference as influence a state, country, or the world.  However, a degree in public administration allows us to make a difference in our own community.  If you are just figuring out that you want to make a difference locally, but currently have a career you can obtain an online masters in public administration and take those ideas that you’ve developed and put them to action.

Most of us reading this now may not have had the luxury of online classes to advance our education or to be able to affording going to school while working.  However, with the number of scholarships and programs that are available there are plenty of options out there that can assist us in getting our degree whenever.

What difference do you want to make?  Are there any degrees that you think encourage people to make a difference?

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