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4 Ways to Move on a College Budget

Young men moving houseWhen it comes to moving at the end of a spring semester, whether it be out of a dorm, back home for the summer, or into a shared space with roommates for a few months, you can rest assured that it’s going to be one of the less enjoyable tasks you have to take on as the events of the semester draw to a temporary close.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to hit the ground running when it comes to moving as a student, many without even breaking the bank if you take the right approach. A critical factor in moving successfully on a tight budget will be to plan ahead as soon as you can—read ahead for a rundown of tips on everything from packing wisely to planning out your itinerary.

Plan in Advance

The first thing you will want to do when planning a move is to assess a rundown of the essential supplies and preparations you’ll need. For starters, you’ll want to properly assess the total amount of goods you’ll be moving—this will determine everything from the amount of boxes and packing supplies you’ll need, to the type of moving services and equipment your move will require. Many moving sites offer packing calculators and similar tools to help you get an approximate idea of what to expect.

Assess Your Move

The size of your moving truck, fleet, etc. could vary based on how much you have, so you’ll want to know as soon as possible whether or not a moving company’s entry level truck works for you. College movers will often opt for a do it yourself moving approach with the hope of saving money—whether or not this is a good idea will largely come down to the size and distance of your move, so take the time to do some careful research beforehand.

Save Money on the Essentials

A key factor in budgeting your move will be to save money whenever you can. This won’t come naturally, so it might take some practice to strive for discounted or free supplies where applicable. Don’t underestimate the amount you can save by scoring free cardboard boxes—many department stores, warehouses, or similar places tend to throw out cardboard boxes in droves, and will be happy to part ways with huge numbers of them in exchange for you lugging them yourself. Buying boxes from your moving company might not break your bank, but you’ll appreciate the savings a lot more after it’s all said and done.

Recruit Plenty of Help

Along similar lines, recruiting help from any available friends and family can be a highly effective way to save on extra costs along the way, whether it be an extra hand helping you haul your goods, or an additional friend to make your road trip home into a buddy system effort—this can end up being the critical factor in a situation where you would otherwise have to pay for a full service moving package, special transportation interests, or more –having just a few extra friends on board to help you along the way can save you a surprising amount of money, in addition to saving you a great deal of stress and worry.

About The Author

Brian Wilson is a contributing writer and media specialist for the North American Moving Blog. He regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and home blogs, based around the transitional challenges which comes with migrating, settling into new homes, and more.

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