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Mixing College with Business: Ways to Pay for Tuition and Books while Gaining Experience

interviewTuition is the beast that faces most college students.  Most college students end up creating a mountain of debt for themselves, dropping out, or struggling through their entire four year term (or more). Fear not, there are a few ways that you can get around all of this by having your own business, creating your own job, and still making it to class on time. Here are some of those ways and the benefits they pose to you as a college student.

Create, Execute, Reap

When it comes to creating your own business or making your mark in the workplace, you’ll have to come up with a marketable idea. Poll classmates and professors to figure out if you have the resources for services that they would be willing to pay for. Maybe you’ve got an affinity for calculus-creating a tutoring service; or maybe you have figured out how to fix/rig/upgrade game consoles – create a service that specializes in customized needs. Either way you slice it, you have a service that someone is willing to pay for. Exploit it. Yes, this comes off as a freelance-like business plan. However, all great businesses started somewhere. Just make sure that isn’t an idea that is going to put you in the poor house. Remember, that is something we are trying to avoid. Doing something you love that can be marketed to those around you is a great way to get yourself moving.

Work from Anywhere

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, you will then have the opportunity to do what you want from anywhere. This comes in handy when you get to class an hour early because you forgot to set your clocks back. Don’t worry it happens. With this type of flexibility, you’ll be able to even crack a few products/services out during your insomniac phase. If you can’t do the physical work of the job, you can at least manage it. Learning to multitask is a good thing, and it will look excellent on your resume.

Making Money – Spend Money

This is where things get a little strange. When you have a set amount of money coming in from your services you’ll need to put some of that cash down for your business expenses. Separating you revenue stream into “this is what I need for business”, “this is what I need for myself”, and “surplus” are all imperative to making this work. If there are services you’re offering, there’s a good chance that you will end up utilizing internet and electrical. Do not spend more than you are bringing in, that is the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself at this time. Instead, check out your rates (after you buy your books). There’s a large pool of internet providers that you could look into as far as getting your services hooked up, and if it’s electrical you’re wanting to see (because some of your talents might use more than just the light bulb) check out sites like for a little extra help on that matter.

Your Resume

When you graduate, and you will graduate, you’ll want to have your skillset perfectly displayed. Don’t shrug this opportunity off just because you’ve found a way to work for yourself during your time in school. You need to be professional. Ask those you’ve worked for permission to stay in contact with them. This will give you a large assortment of individuals you can call for a reference regarding your services. While some might say that having an entrepreneurial outlook isn’t the greatest thing to write down, it does show that you are willing to commit to something and see it through. Don’t ignore this step. If you do, you’re going to have to start from the bottom of the pile and all of that tuition or book money will end up going down the drain when it comes to your sweat equity and actual costs.

Yes, there are jobs that you can get to help you pay for tuition. However, if you decide to start your own business, you might surprise yourself with the amount of work you’re willing to put into it and the amount of return you get from it. Plus, you never know who’s been scouting for someone with your talents. There’s a lot of scholarships out there for people who want to do things like this, and if your vision is big enough you can always apply for a grant. Just make sure you’ve crossed your T’ and dotted your I’s.

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How To Find A Paid Internship While In College

workstudyFor many students finding a paid internship while in college is like hitting the jackpot. Getting a paid internship means that an employer has confidence in a student’s ability to handle the responsibilities of a professional job. Internships are coveted, especially when the pay is good. In a competitive environment, it takes some effort to land a paid internship. Therefore it is never too early for a college student to develop strategies that will result in landing an opportunity to learn from the pros while getting a paycheck. Additionally, many interns are offered jobs after graduation. Consider the following five tips for how to find a paid internship while in college.

Start with Good Grades

Some students may not realize that it is important to work hard to earn the best grades early in their college careers. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you may want to enjoy what campus life has to offer, but you must also balance your studies and your social life. Companies that offer paid internships to college students have little to go by when choosing interns except for an applicant’s grade point average and recommendations. Showing interest in your course work and making good grades will earn good recommendations from your professors.

Get Experience by Volunteering

Volunteering a few hours a week can enhance your application or resume. For example, if you are public relations major, you might volunteer to help a non-profit organization with marketing and community outreach. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to get experience in a stress free environment and if you do a good job, the person who supervises your volunteer activities will likely provide you with a great letter of recommendation.

Attend College Recruiting Events

It is never too early to attend intern recruiting events sponsored by your department or your career planning and placement office. By participating in these events early in your career, you will get to know recruiters and they will get to know you. You can also get a feel for the type of internship you would like to pursue. You should exhibit a professional image when you attend recruiting events. Dress for the job you are seeking and be prepared to engage the recruiters in conversation. Ask questions about the company and what it takes to get an internship.

Talk with Students who Have Landed Internships

Students who have been successful interns are often eager to share their success stories and insider tips on how to apply for and get an internship. Sometimes companies will ask successful interns to recommend other students for internships.

Create Your Own Internship

Internships are about getting experience. If you cannot land an internship with a major company, look for a job that will give you experience and an opportunity to demonstrate your maturity and willingness to work hard. Think about all of the part time jobs that you might be able to get on or off campus. For example colleges often hire students to work part-time in positions such as office assistants and clerks in various departments. Never take these experiences for granted. A business major might consider working in a financial aid office. If you find an off campus job, you can look for creative ways to offer something unique to an employer that will show your initiative. Taking on additional tasks or organizing a storage area without being told is not rocket science, but it demonstrates self-direction and initiative, both of which will likely influence the recommendation your supervisor will provide.

Don’t give up on your dream of getting an internship. Perseverance is the key and chances are, if you are reading this you are the kind of student who is willing to do what it takes to reach your goals.

About The Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Ryan Ayers. He is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. In this article, he offers a few tips to students looking for internships and aims to encourage further study through GW Paralegal Degree Programs.

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5 Tips For Finding That Paid College Internship

CollegeStudentsA good internship can do wonders for you while you are in engineering school. While education is important, practical experience can be even better. If you want a paid internship, try these tips below.

Start with Your Department

Your faculty members are more than just a great source of education – they are also great people to talk to about getting an internship. Your faculty members are not only the people who are most likely to know about established internship programs through your school, but they are also the people who are most likely to know which programs can actually help you for your future. Take the time to speak to your faculty members and make sure that ask them about these programs. If they do not know about anything, they may still point you towards someone who does.

Talk to the Alumni

Every college has an alumni association. Take the time to attend events at which alums might be present, and always make sure to help out when you can. As you get to know alumni, you might be pointed towards a great internship or job opportunity. Some engineering programs even have alumni mentorship programs available for just this purpose – but you have to make sure that you are the one who takes the first step. If you are willing to get to know those who graduated before you, you might be able to get an internship.

Look Locally

While networking and online job hunting are both great ways to get an internship, you sometimes have to get your hands dirty. If there are engineering firms in your area, place a quick phone call to find out if there are any programs. While some of the most competitive programs might be advertised at your school, there might be others that are simply hidden treasures. If you are willing to make contact with the firm or business, you stand a much better chance of getting a job. Make sure that you have a resume prepared before you make contact, as you might get an interview on the spot.

Check Job Boards

There are dozens of great job boards out there for students, and some of the best might be available in your own school. Look outside of your department to see if your school has any kind of college job board – there may be announcements there that never made their way to your faculty. General job boards are not likely to return information about engineering-specific internships, but you never know where you might find a lead. With a little luck, a quick few minutes of browsing can land you a great internship.

When in Doubt, Seek it Out

One of the most important things that you will learn as an engineering student is that you can create your own opportunities. If you do not know of a paid internship position in or around your area, try to do what you can to make one available. Look for an engineering-related job in your area of expertise, and go to your advisor to find out if there is a way to get college credit for that job. you might be surprised by how easy it is to get credit for going to work.

Paid internships are not always easy to find, but they are out there. If you are willing to put in the work to find them, you will usually get the opportunity to put in an application. Whether you have to talk to alumni or get out there and do a bit of digging yourself, finding an internship is more than worth the effort of the search.

About The Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Ryan Ayers.  He is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. In this article, he describes how to find an internship while an engineering student in college and aims to encourage further study with a Norwich University Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering.

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