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Tuition Freeze for Minneapolis College

mcadThe Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) has responded to the needs of its families and students by not incorporating an increase in their tuition and fees for the coming academic year.

The tuition rate at MCAD is currently set at $29,500 a year and students can expect to experience this same tuition rate next year. A minimal increase of 2.5% is scheduled for housing costs and the general fees will remain the same for next year. The total cost of attendance (Room, Board, Tuition, and Fees) will be about $41,000. Complimenting the tuition freeze,MCAD has stated that they will also increase their amount of financial aid awarded to students by 4%. It is not clear whether this increase in aid will be for incoming students, returning students, or a blend of all the students receiving financial assistance.

President Jay Coogan states that that tuition freeze will only be for a year and it may be followed by a moderate tuition increase in the year following. However, he vows that the percentage increase in subsequent years will not be something drastic to make up for the lack of increase this coming year.

Whether MCAD is making this financial gesture to boost enrollment in a declining educational market or they truly are looking out for the best interest of their students is uncertain. The bottom line is that they are embracing this tuition freeze and ultimate economic benefit of this decision will instantly go to the students. Any goodwill and increase in enrollment will be a potential bi-product down the road for MCAD. Kudos to MCAD for helping their students to make college affordable!

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