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30% Tuition Fee Increase… Are You Serious?

tuitionincreaseSometimes I come across information that I know for sure just has to be someone trying to pull my leg. When I read about a thirty percent increase in tuition last week, I knew that it could not be true and that it had to be a ploy to capture my attention.

Unfortunately though, the information is very true and downright scary. Those students and families going to school and living in California know that their state is making some serious decisions to try and bring the budget back under control. One of the largest expenditures (next to the prison system) is that of the state higher education system. Even though Governor Schwarzenegger pledged earlier this year to spare the education system from future budget cuts, it appears that the option is back on the table.

“California’s $20 billion deficit will make it hard for the [state’s] legislature to provide funding to the schools,” said Patrick Lenz, UC Berkeley’s budget administrator.

Given the cuts that are planned to happen, the University of California stated that a thirty percent increase in tuition for 2010-2011 is inevitable. They say that is the only way they are going to be able to provide the services and education that students are accustomed to. Unfortunately, this sizable tuition increase is still not going to solve all of their financial woes. It is estimated that they will still have a hole in the budget of approximately $237 million dollars.

At first glance you may think a thirty percent increase in tuition costs is extreme and hard to stomach. That type of pricing increase doesn’t sit well with anyone. However, the annual tuition rate at public colleges and universities in the California state system is around $7,000. This is relatively low in comparison to other state higher education systems and it is extremely low if you compare it to a private education price tag.

Does this make the thirty percent increase more palpable? I don’t know.. but it does sound like students graduating from the California college scene have been getting a great deal on their educational expenses. The unfortunate part is that it appears this great pricing structure is about to make a shift that is more in line with the rest of the country.

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