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University of Missouri Freezes Tuition for 2010-2011

MissouriUIn an effort to help contain education costs for undergraduate students, the University of Missouri college system has elected to keep tuition costs the same as last academic year. However, this is only part of the approved fee adjustments for the coming year. The following provides a full picture of what other financial adjustments/measures are being taken throughout the school system:

  • In-state undergraduate tuition remains frozen.
  • Out-of-state undergraduate tuition increases by 5 percent at MU and Missouri University of Science and Technology and 2.7 percent at the University of Missouri–Kansas City and University of Missouri–St. Louis.
  • Graduate student tuition increases by 2.7 percent.
  • Professional school tuition increases will vary by department. On the high end, out-of-state veterinary medicine students will see their tuition increase by 31 percent, although at the curators’ meeting, Nikki Krawitz, UM System vice president for finance and administration, who was presenting the budget to curators, made a point to say this affects a handful of students.
  • Masters of Law students will see an increase of 19 percent
  • A UMKC in-state tuition rate for four counties in the Kansas City area will expand to seven more counties.

It appears that the undergraduate students are getting the best deal out of this provision and professional disciplines (Law & Medicine) are making up the difference in revenue that needs to be generated -which one could argue that those professions will have the ability to pay back their loans more readily than the traditional undergraduate student…

The University of Missouri school system implemented the tuition freeze for undergraduate students after striking a deal with Governor Jay Nixon that would limit any funding decreases to the school to no more than 5.2%. Definitely a nice trade-off that works in the benefit of the students (non-professional) attending the University of Missouri school system.

If you would like to learn more about the University of Missouri and the 69,000 students that currently attend, you can visit their website here.

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