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Michigan State Increases Room & Board – Not Tuition

michiganstateuIncreasing room and board fees and leaving tuition rates alone is somewhat of a new concept but Michigan State University is committed to doing just that for the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year.

The trustees for the University voted to increase room and board fees by 5.1%. With this increase, basic room and board charges for those living in the residence halls will be $7,770.

Assuming an eleventh hour tuition increase is not in the works, the following reflects the tuition rates for the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year:

Undergraduate – Admitted Fall 2005 or after Lower Division (Freshman and Sophomores) $ 347.00 $ 895.75
Undergraduate – Admitted prior to Fall 2005 (Freshmen and Sophomores) 321.00 869.75
Undergraduate – Admitted Fall 2005 or after Upper Division (Juniors and Seniors) 380.50 925.00
Undergraduate – Admitted prior to Fall 2005 (Juniors and Seniors) 354.50 899.00
Graduate – Masters 478.25 966.50
Graduate – Doctoral 478.25 966.50
Graduate Certification 478.25 620.75
Lifelong Education 478.25 620.75

Source: Michigan State University Fee Schedule

I would like to applaud MSU for attempting to keep their tuition rates under control even though the state of Michigan still struggles to keep a balanced budget. The students and families that attend MSU are sure to be very appreciative.

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