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eBooks and Ipads are “Out” and Paper Textbooks are “In”

I thought with the invention of Amazon’s Kindle and the new Apple Ipad, eBooks would be dominating the market and students would be jumping all over increased savings that these technological tools would provide verses the archaic and somewhat expensive option of paper textbooks. However, the National Association of College Stores (NACS), has recently proven my thought process wrong.

Apparently, based upon a recent survey completed by OnCampus Research, 74% of students prefer to use paper textbooks as opposed to their electronic counterpart. At first glance, I find this hard to believe but then I started to reflect back to my college days. Paper books, as hard as they may be to lug around campus, have an educational aura that can not be easily replaced by the electronic version. In addition, have you ever tried to highlight your Kindle or Ipad? It just doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as the “coloring” that you can do in a paper textbook… besides it leaves a residue on your screen…that was my attempt at a joke ;). Lastly, when you have accomplished reading a printed book, you can add it to your library collection for all to see and be amazed in wonderment on how much you love to read. When you are done reading your Ipad or Kindle, I guess you um.. just turn it off…

So.. I can see why students (and probably the public in general) are still leaning to printed paper books verses electronic.  However, given the results of the survey, it does show that 26% of students do prefer eBooks. This percentage isn’t anything to sneeze at and my guess is that it will continue to increase as technology becomes more mainstream in the classrooms across the nation.

For now though, if you are one of the 74% that still prefer to have traditional paper textbooks, please don’t hesitate to check out CheapScholar’s textbook comparison shopping tool.

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