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Grace College Provides Accelerated Degree Options

Getting your degree completed in a shorter time span almost always equates to a greater savings in your checkbook. A three year bachelor’s degree is becoming more and more common and I have even recently seen a one year associates degree program (Ivy Tech Community College). Now something a little more flexible and probably more attractive, from an accelerated degree standpoint, has rolled out in Indiana

Grace College and Seminary is a liberal arts campus located in Winona Lake and they boast a student population of nearly 1700. They have taken the traditional academic calender and now tweaked it to provide accelerated degree programs for their students. The two most popular are the three year bachelor’s degree and the four year bachelor’s degree combined with a masters.

Most liberal arts calendars provide two 16 week semesters (Fall & Spring) and then have a summer session of varying course length. Grace is taking this academic calendar and parsing it into two 8 week sessions for each semester and then still rolling out a traditional summer session. This provides their students an opportunity to take an extra course during each of the 8 week sessions. Combine this with a few courses over the summer sessions and you can see how easily it is to graduate early and ahead of schedule. Trust me.. your brain is going to hate you but your pocketbook is really going to like this option.

Grace has put together some numbers to provide a proof of savings for their new program. The sticker price at Grace College for the 2010 academic year is $28,774. This price includes meals and housing but does not include financial aid, which you are sure to receive… In their financial chart, they factor the one year savings into their equation but they also include something that other schools forget to mention – the extra year of income the student will be receiving by entering into the work force a year earlier.

Now this program is not for the academically challenged. If you are interested in participating in Grace’s accelerated degree program, you have to go through the normal admission process the same as every student. And once you are admitted into the program you have to maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average. If you are unsuccessful at keeping your GPA in check, you won’t get kicked out of Grace (unless your grades are deplorable) you will just have to convert back to the traditional course schedule until you can be proven worthy enough to get back on the accelerated track.

If you think this approach at completing your degree is something that interest you (and your bank account), feel free to drop a line to the nice people at Grace College.

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