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A New Alternative To Help Pay For College Expenses

Getting companies, corporations, organizations, foundations, and kind philanthropic strangers to help pay for your college expenses is no easy task. These groups of people are not usually lined up outside your high school sitting with a checkbook in hand prepared to help you (financially) with your college career. Finding (or lucking into) someone to help in this manner takes time and usually relies greatly on your family and friend network to “sell” your story and why YOU should be the next person they help put through college.

Fortunately for you, a website known as is here to take a challenging process and simplify it to get your story out in front of the masses in hopes that someone feels compelled to assist you with paying for your college expenses. Not only do they streamline the process for you and the potential donors, they provide these match making services free of charge (I know.. hard to believe in this day and age but it is true!). (SMD) was started by Henner and Lilas Mohr a couple of years ago when they were trying to locate sponsors for their graduate degrees and decided that they could use their online systematic approach to help other students achieve their educational goals. SMD is boasting over 10,000 financially needy students registered to date. If you would like to see the most recent students, click here.

The only downside that I can see with SMD is probably a shortage of sponsors in relationship to the number of students. However, if a student has a socially savvy network, they could easily position their story in front of many and garner support (small and large) to help cover their educational expense.

I think this is a great idea and Henner and Lilas should be applauded for their efforts to think “outside of the box” and provide this service to students in need. If you are a student that is looking for extra funds to help cover your college costs, go ahead and register with SMD. The service is free and it certainly can’t hurt your chances.

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