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If you are a college student, work at a college, or ever stepped foot on a college campus, then you probably are very familiar with Over the years it has topped the internet as a premium competitive resource to buy and sell goods. Amazon started their business as a book retailer but now you can not only buy books at rock bottom prices, you can purchase electronics, household supplies, and even groceries. It is absolutely amazing to see how the website has evolved over the years.

For those that know Amazon, you know that one of their features is a service called Amazon Prime. If you enroll in this program, you get free 2-day shipping on any product you order directly from Amazon and one-day shipping is available at only $3.99 for each item. The only downside is that an annual subscription to Amazon Prime will set you back $79. Which you would have to purchase a fair amount of items to recoup that investment.

The Good News For College Students

If you are a college student, you are currently eligible to receive the Amazon Prime service for FREE.. Yes FREE. Sign up is easy and the only qualifications are that you are currently enrolled at a college and have a valid .edu email address. That is it! So, if you are already using to score great deals on your textbooks or electronic gadgets to fill up your dorm room, then you had better take advantage of this free benefit and save a couple bucks on shipping while you are at it. Once your free membership has run its course, you can renew your membership at the college student rate of $39 a year (half off the regular rate).

The Bad News For Alumni

In my research for this article, I found that a good number of college alumni are trying to enroll in this program because their college assigned them with a permanent .edu email address for life.  If your email address doesn’t reflect your graduation year ( or the fact that you are indeed an alumni ( you may be able to enroll in the free offer. However, if Amazon finds out, they will more than likely cancel your membership and ban you from their website indefinitely… just kidding…but they will probably cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Good News For Faculty and Staff

Since you have a permanent .edu email address at your college, you are probably able to “work the system” to get a free Amazon Prime account. Faculty are always adding to their literary collections, so I am guessing that this free benefit could be a huge savings for them.

Bad News for Colleges That Don’t Have a .edu Email Address

Over the past few years, many colleges and universities have migrated their email accounts to gmail (Google) or some other comparable service provider. This provides a huge cost savings for the schools and a great resource for the faculty, staff, and students. Unfortunately, depending on how this transition was performed, the .edu portion of the email addresses could be lost in the shuffle.   Also, if you are attending a state college, it is very likely that your email address may provide some challenges as well. For example, a local community college in Ohio had their email addresses ending with “”. The good news is that you are still eligible for the free Amazon Prime offer, you just need to jump through some additional hoops…

At, we are always trying to help families and students find great opportunities to reduce the costs associated with going to college. If you plan on utilizing for any textbook purchases (or groceries, electronics, etc…) you will definitely want to take advantage of this FREE Amazon Prime offer.

If you know of anyone else that could benefit from this cost savings, please be sure to pass this information onto them using the “share tab” below.

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