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Top Eight Reasons I Blog On CheapScholar

In January, I will be reaching the one year mark for  It is quite a milestone because I didn’t even know if I would make it past the first month when I initially started this little college money blog. It has been quite a journey and I am greatly excited about what lies ahead (for me and In an effort to help my readers, friends, and family better understand my commitment to and the impact it has on me, I decided to come up with the Top Eight Reasons I Blog on Hope you find them informative and a little bit amusing all at the same time!

  1. Fortune: This is why anybody does anything right? 😉 Let me tell you that fortune (money) should not be a motivating factor for anyone wanting to enter into the world of blogging. As you can probably garner, everything on is free and there is no monetary incentive that keeps me engaged with my blogging efforts. I believe strongly in college accessibility and affordability – so much so that I am glad to volunteer my time and efforts with to help others.
  2. Fame: I don’t anticipate being on the cover of Time Magazine anytime soon but I can tell you that blogging has opened up a number of doors for me. I have had the opportunity to be quoted in articles, referenced in research studies, published in various mediums, and I even made an appearance on NBC news in a story that was covering college costs and funding sources. I am still holding out to hear from Matt Lauer in the near future for a guest spot on the Today Show! 😉
  3. Helps Me Do My Job Better: I work in higher education in the student financial services arena. Most everyone that reads this blog probably knows that. By blogging on topics that are impacting students and their financial ability to access higher education, I am able to stay abreast of current trends related to paying for college. This helps me to be a better resource to not only my university but it also allows me the opportunity to better counsel the students and families in which I talk with day in and day out.
  4. Amazing Networking: Over the past year, I have had the fortune of meeting some really neat people that are experts in their fields. A few of these folks have been fellow bloggers but a good number of them have been industry leaders working for companies and organizations that are helping to shape the future framework of higher education. It is awesome to be on their “radar” and have the opportunity to “talk shop” with these great minds.
  5. Better Organized and Task Minded: Have you ever tried to work a full time job, manage a household, raise three children under the age of three, volunteer within your community on various boards and somehow think that you still have enough time to start a blog? I did…and more. Fortunately, I have a supportive spouse that helps out with many of the things I mentioned above. However, it does take time and you have to adopt a strict philosophy on time management if you are to survive. Most of my attention on this blog comes from when I am eating my packed lunch in my office during the week but I also sneak other hours in on the weekends when the kids are napping or sometimes after they have gone to bed in the evening. This blog always takes third place (sometimes fourth or fifth) after my family and my job but it is an important part of who I am so I always make sure to schedule time to get good content out here and respond to reader inquiries.
  6. The Warm Fuzzies: It is like Christmas all year long for me. Not in the sense of gift getting, more in the sense of gift giving. I have always liked the Christmas season because it seems to be the one time of year when everyone is more charitable with their time, talents, and money. The “warm fuzzies” of human nature shine at this time of year and people care more about others than they do themselves. I like this. So, as I dedicate my time, talent and resources to throughout the year, I feel accomplished in knowing that I am probably helping people (and lots of them) achieve their educational goals and dreams… hence the “warm fuzzies”…
  7. Its All About The Karma: This kind of falls in line with number six but it is a little bit different. I used to watch a show called My Name Is Earl and it was all about Karma and the impact that it had on the main character – Earl. As with any sitcom I watch, this one was canceled but the lifelong lesson I learned was Karma. Karma basically states that if you do good things (or deeds) for others than good deeds (or things) will be done unto you. Inversely, the opposite also holds true – bad deeds equal bad things… I look at as my way of doing good deeds for others and hopefully increasing the positive Karma in my life.
  8. Enhancing My Writing Skills: I hate to write (seriously.. I really loathe writing) and unfortunately you can’t have a successful blog unless you write (content is king!). I think my displeasure for writing comes from my lack of creativity or from my college years and all those mandated writing intensive courses (you have to love a liberal arts education!). Regardless, forces me to face my fears of writing. By writing articles for, I am slowly getting over my writing inhibitions and learning to express myself and thoughts in literary form.  I won’t be writing a novel anytime soon but at least this is a start! Now if I can just start prufreading a little bitter… 😉

Hope you enjoyed my reasons for why I blog on I am sure this list will grow over time but for now it provides a great snapshot of what keeps me engaged, excited, and motivated to keep plugging away.

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