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Save Money! Complete A Bachelors Degree In 2 Years!

Getting a Bachelors degree in under 5 or 6 years seems to be the goal of most college students these days. Four years is the normal time frame but many are starting to find ways to shave semesters off of their education programs and complete their degree requirements in as little as three years. If you think this is amazing, you are really going to like what the University of the District of Columbia is rolling out.

UDC is implementing a 2 year Bachelors degree program in affiliation with a couple of local area high schools. It is hard to imagine that anyone can complete a Bachelors degree in two years but UDC has come up with a plan to maximize post-secondary participation in these high schools so that essentially students would be graduating from high school with enough college credits to start out as juniors at UDC. The 2 + 4 program is still in the planning stages and requires a little tweaking before the final roll out is scheduled but it is on target to be presented to freshman entering high school next year.

So, if you are living in the D.C. area and have a student that is thinking about a streamlined approach to getting a Bachelors degree, you probably ought to keep the University of District of Columbia in your sights. The potential savings that you could experience on college tuition could be astounding.

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