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Connor Quinn – The New King of Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships play a key role in helping college bound students pay for their educational expenses. Billions upon billions of scholarship dollars are given away by organizations, companies, and foundations every year. So, how do you make sure that you are the recipient of some of those extra college funding awards? Connor Quinn takes a fairly simple approach to receiving outside scholarships. He recently revealed in an article that “The money is out there, so you might as well try and get it”.

Connor is a graduating senior from Sacramento, California and he plans on attending the University of Texas-Austin this coming fall semester. And, thanks to his unwavering commitment to landing outside scholarships, he will be bringing an additional $22,700 with him to help cover his education expenses. Connor has applied to over 80 scholarship programs and has secured at least 22 of them.

Connor provided the following useful tips for securing outside scholarships:

  • Organization Is Key: Connor set up an excel spreadsheet tracking all the deadlines, dollar amounts, and (hopefully) winnings
  • Don’t Overlook The Small Ones: Connor went after any and all scholarships and didn’t let the dollar amount sway him from applying.
  • Local Scholarships Score: Out of the 22 scholarship awards received by Connor, 13 of them were from local groups and organizations.
  • Repeat and Reuse Essays: If the writing topic is applicable to multiple scholarship programs, then you should definitely not hesitate to submit the same essay.

Kudos to Connor Quinn for showing us that with a little perseverance and a whole lot of research, it is possible to land some outstanding results when it come to outside scholarships.

If Connor’s story has inspired you to start your outside scholarship search process, I encourage you to check out CheapScholar’s Scholarship Resource Center for some great tips and information to help you along the way.

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2 Responses to “Connor Quinn – The New King of Outside Scholarships”

  1. That is awesome! I know a lot of students win scholarships because I applied to many and I was not chosen as a winner! I had a long learning curve, but I was able to raise over $70,000.00 for my college education via educational grants and scholarships.