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How Do YOU Make College Cheaper Scholarship

In an effort to help make college more affordable, will be giving away $500 this year to one deserving student. Entering the scholarship giveaway is easy and winning is even easier. All you have to do is answer one question: How Do YOU Make College Cheaper?

The following are the various ways in which you can enter our scholarship contest:

  1. Post your answer on CheapScholar’s Facebook Page
  2. Tweet your answer to @CheapScholar on Twitter
  3. Submit your answer via our contact page

Each of the methods above will give you an entry into the scholarship contest. In addition, you can enter more than once if you have multiple ideas/answers to the question. Since the scholarship is transferable, friends and family members can enter the contest as well.

Originality and creativity are encouraged with your answers. Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Lots and lots of Ramen Noodles
  • Submit the FAFSA each and every year
  • Applying for outside scholarships
  • Doing laundry at mom and dad’s

Here is the “small print” on the $500 Scholarship Giveaway:

  • Deadline for submission is August 15th
  • Winner will be contacted via the same method in which their entry was received (Twitter, Facebook, and/or email)
  • The scholarship is transferable. However, the final recipient must be currently attending (or planning to attend) a U.S. based College or University.

We wish you luck on winning this great scholarship opportunity. In the meantime, if you need additional tips and information on finding scholarships, please be sure to check out CheapScholar’s Scholarship Resource Center.

Remember… all you have to do is answer the following question via one or all three of the methods provided (Facebook, Twitter, Email).  Each response counts as an entry.  It really is that easy…

How Do YOU Make College Cheaper?

Some of our previous Scholarship Recipients:

 – Lauren Downs, Ohio University

Alexis Fusco, Drexel University

Jacqueline Vazquez, U. of Central Florida

Jasmine Trickler, Eastern Washington U.

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529 Responses to “How Do YOU Make College Cheaper Scholarship”

  1. Brynne Mahaney says:

    Keep applying for scholorships!!!

  2. Brynne Mahaney says:

    Skip a meal plan..DOLLAR MENU it is 🙂

  3. Brynne Mahaney says:

    room and board?? nahh just give me a tent and a parking space… welcome home

  4. Brynne Mahaney says:

    if you thought you were frugle before…just wait until the loan payments start!! become a penny pintcher now to prepare for the loads of cash you’ll have to pay in a couple years

  5. Nives Keran says:

    Forget laptops, old fashioned pen and paper will do (:

  6. Nives Keran says:

    Worried about the freshmen fifteen, EAT LESS. Lose weight and save money !

  7. Nives Keran says:

    Buy used books, borrow books from library because books are EXPENSIVE!

  8. Nives Keran says:

    Get a job.

  9. Nives Keran says:

    If living on campus, don’t go home often because gas is expensive, marta is expensive, and your parents probably don’t wanna see you all the time anyways.

  10. Monique Johnson says:

    Pick up every penny I see off the ground and save!!!!l

  11. Monique Johnson says:

    Writting a letter to Obama asking for grants and scholarships

  12. Monique Johnson says:

    Shave my hair off and sell it for college

  13. D Downey says:

    Two words: tent city!!

  14. D Downey says:

    Eliminate required textbooks for classes and have free downloads of the materials instead.

  15. cisco says:

    Forget cell phone switch to two cans and a string.

  16. AZ says:

    Apply to a school that offers merit aid.

  17. judith ohan says:

    colege can be made cheaper by getting good grades and applying for many scholarships and financial aid.

  18. Liana Grant says:

    Looking for free money anywhere where I can get it, and hoping I can win it!

  19. Kristen N. says:

    Take advantage of any free services/opportunities that your university offers you!

  20. Carolsue says:

    When you go to restaurants, pick up a few extra ketchup, mustard, mayo, sugar, soy sauce, napkins, etc. Should cut down on these items a lot.

  21. Carolsue says:

    Buy your clothes at thrift stores. And, if you pay attention, you will notice that especially near holidays, many of these stores offer 25% off, or Buy 1 Get 1 Free items, etc.

  22. Carolsue says:

    Use coupons when grocery shopping. Make sure you match the coupons with the sales in the grocery stores, too. And try to find stores that double your coupons!

  23. Carolsue says:

    If the product isn’t more expensive, look for products with rebates on them. Many products have rebates that refund a significant portion of the cost, sometimes even the full price of the product!

  24. Carolsue says:

    Get together with several of your roomies or friends and buy food in bulk, then split it up.

  25. Carolsue says:

    Go to the library and check out movies rather than renting them. You’d be surprised at how many good movie the library has!

  26. Carolsue says:

    Barter for items or services. Craigslist has barter sections, and many cities have local barter groups. Check them out!

  27. Jasmine W says:

    Work your butt off and pay for one class at a time.

  28. Anissa says:

    Getting non-textbooks from the library or used book stores.

  29. Tyla Shields says:

    Go to the library and get “Scholarships 2012” and start applying for everyone you are eligible for.

  30. Jacob Lynch says:

    One great way to be a Cheap Scholar is to buy textbooks online! I have found I save approximately 50-75% buying online rather than the jacked-up prices at the college bookstore! I also sell my used college textbooks online and find I get more return on my original dollar!

  31. Nissa says:

    Buying used textbooks online instead of from the school bookstore

  32. jennifer cecil says:

    My friend and I share our textbooks.

  33. ROSE O. says:

    We save money on college by staying in state

  34. clynsg says:

    Check with your instructor–quite often the previous edition of textbooks is still usable, since often the only change is a very minor one. That way you can still get a used book instead of having to buy the new edition.

  35. Janet Boyanton says:

    By applying for every scholarship we can.

  36. Julia says:

    snag food from home, stay in-state college, wear dirty clothes, wash clothes at home, get a part time job, apply for tons of scholarships!!!!

  37. Yesenia says:

    By having a buddy system with your roommate or dorm floor. The buddy system is having everyone chip in with as much as they can. $1, $2 or a penny even, to buy food or any other expense needed. That way each person saves money instead of wasting it.

  38. Holly Chisholm says:

    When you can’t afford to do laundry wash your clothes in the sink or bathtub.

  39. Holly Chisholm says:

    Applying to a ton of scholarships

  40. Holly Chisholm says:

    Using to search for scholarships.

  41. Holly Chisholm says:

    letting your clothes air dry rather than paying to dry them.

  42. Holly Chisholm says:

    Bike everywhere. Don’t drive a car. They are expensive to buy and maintain.

  43. Holly Chisholm says:

    Don’t drive unless you have to! This means HAVE TO. You will eat out less often, saving you money

  44. Holly Chisholm says:

    Buy all books used on amazon.

  45. Holly Chisholm says:

    Live off-campus if it is cheaper. At my school on campus housing is way over-priced, and there are plenty of places to rent that are much cheaper.

  46. Holly Chisholm says:

    Buy food in bulk. This way you can save time and money on frequent trips to the grocery store.

  47. Holly Chisholm says:

    Buy store brand foods. They are much cheaper and usually are essentially the same product.

  48. Holly Chisholm says:

    Become a resident assistant if possible! Not only will you usually get free or discounted housing, but some schools will even give you a free meal plan and pay you.

  49. Holly Chisholm says:

    Learn how to give haircuts. Start practicing on your friends for free and then start charging as you get better.

  50. Holly Chisholm says:

    Start eating fresh produce. It is easy to prepare, healthy and cheap!

  51. Victoria Coffman says:

    Only eat 2 meals a day.

  52. Victoria Coffman says:

    Apply for every scholarship you may possibly be eligible for.

  53. Victoria Coffman says:

    Take the General Ed courses at a city college and then transfer to the university you want to go to.

  54. Victoria Coffman says:

    Join the military and have them pay for your college education.

  55. Lucie says:

    Get a sugar daddy/mommy.

  56. Lucie says:

    Learn to do everything you pay others to do, like your hair and fixing your clothes (tailoring).

  57. Sydney Gambrel says:

    Applying for scholarships and working.

  58. Rida says:

    Sell Lemonade! 🙂

  59. Christine says:

    Become a personal assistant to a small buisness owner

  60. Christine says:

    Break a Guinness world record (most all-nighters in a row)

  61. Christine says:

    Save money on laundry (and get rid of pests) just stop washing your clothes

  62. Kyla Boswell says:

    Buy a Costco bag of rice and live off that.

  63. EnSan says:

    Live with a roomate off campus.

  64. Enis says:

    Buy less meat and eat more rice and beans.

  65. Enis says:

    Get a moped instead of a car. Or better get a bicycle.

  66. Enis says:

    Wear medical scrubs since the stains stick to them less and wash them only once a month.

  67. Yuri Na says:

    Get a job on campus something related to study. Tutor, TA, RA, etc. It will help your tuition, college money(board, pocket money), and your career. It can be a good career too.

  68. Ricky says:

    Pass my class the first time!

  69. Martin says:

    Budgeting money by going to free school events instead of paying for certain entertainment.

  70. Emily truhitte says:

    Rent books that are not for classes for your major, or books that are not going to really help you later on.

  71. Emily Truhitte says:

    Take advantage of deals at restaurants, such as dollar menus or daily specials.

  72. Alyssa says:

    If textbooks were provided…free of charge. 🙂

  73. Emily Truhitte says:

    Ladies- go on dates!! Give them a chance. Worst case? Free meal!!! 🙂

  74. Jacqueline says:

    Apply for scholarships or look for a job !!!

  75. ermina camarinas says:

    I just borrowed my classmates handouts b/c I cannot afford to photocopy it, I only have enough money for my transpo.

  76. ermina camarinas says:

    I just borrowed my classmates handouts b/c I cannot afford to photocopy it. I only have enough money for my transpo.

  77. Curtis Murray says:

    Vote, Vote, and Vote.

    Saving is helpful. Less spending is wise. Voting is the power to make progress.

  78. Samina Martin says:

    1. Apply for as many scholarships as possibe
    2. Get good grades (min. 3.0 GPA)
    3. Get a Job
    4. Save money and use it wisely
    5. ask upperclassmen for used books and materials.
    6. If you can.. commute or get an appartment (save on loans)
    7. Dont get a meal plan, bring food from home

  79. Du Li says:

    Skip meal plan, leave outside campus, keep applying scholarships, find job, internship

  80. Nikita Gragg says:

    A way to make college cheaper is to study really hard. If you study really hard, you will receive very good grades. If you receive good grades, you qualify for several scholarships. If you qualify for several scholarships, you can apply to all of them. When you apply for all of them, you have a greater chance to receive many different scholarships. Something I should have done.

  81. Kaitlin says:

    Firstly, you MUST fill out the FAFSA to see if you qualify for grants, subsidized loans, and scholarships. You may even qualify for a work-study grant, which is absolutely amazing (trust me, I worked at my school library for about a year… It was fantastic. They work around your schedule, and I never felt over-burdened while I was a work-study.). You could also go to your school’s financial aid office and see if they have any scholarships that you can apply for.

    Choosing to live on campus isn’t a terrible idea, but you could probably save some money if you decide to live off-campus with ROOMMATES (I know, it’s kind of weird to live with strange people that you may not know personally, but they’re students too – and generally, they make really good friends!).

    When you shop for groceries, stock up on meats that are on quick sale. Pop them in the freezer, and you can eat for a month. Buy fresh fruits and veggies from your local Farmer’s Market; the prices are great, and the foods are so fresh and delicious…you won’t regret it.

    RIDE YOUR BIKE TO SCHOOL!! (If you live close enough, at least.) You’ll be doing your part to save the environment, AND you’ll be saving on gas money.

    Before you buy your books at the school bookstore, plan ahead and try to find your books online. There are plenty of great used books that you can use, and there are a lot of websites that cater to university students. Just a quick Google search of the ISBN could save you hundreds! They might have some highlighting and scribbles in them, but you could look at those as guide lines for your own studies!

    Go to the Dollar Store, shop at Good Will. When you get ill, make sure you go to your university’s health center before you give all of your money to an off-campus doctor. They have plans that aim to help students with their medical expenses. It’s especially useful when you have no insurance.

    Take up a useful hobby like crocheting! Have cold winters? Hats cost too much? BAM! Cheap, stylish hat made with love.

  82. Jessica Hufford says:

    I work full time and go to school full time. It is very difficult to afford it. I save money by not eating out, not living on campus, avoiding books if possible, get good grades to qualify for scholarships, walk everywhere, save pens/pencils, print on both sides of paper, and if I need anything, I try and make it first! Recycling is a great way to save money!

  83. Kelly jones says:

    start with community!

  84. CalebLinden says:

    To make college cheaper, one must do the best he can in high school.

  85. David Burke says:

    One way would be to use older additions of text books all the extra highlighted words, reorganized pictures and rewritten questions don’t make them easier to learn from or do much more than force the university and students to buy what is essentially the same book over and over again.

  86. David Burke says:

    An easy way for a student to save is to become an RA at most universities they will give you free board and a pay check.

  87. James Egan says:

    Go to a community college for the first two years. Also, if interest rates were high, not as many students would take out loans. This would force many Universities to lower their tuition since tution is currently increasing beyond inflation.

  88. Stephen Byrd says:

    Get a job and save up! Good grades and applying for a lot of scholarships are a good idea too!

  89. Stephen Byrd says:

    Save money, get good grades and apply for tons of scholarships!!

  90. Laura Mauger says:

    Donate your blood plasma! Little to no effort on your part and you make money!!

  91. Arianna Reybitz says:

    Above all, do not spend more than is necessary. Tuition, books, food, a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of…these are necessary. Some things are not. Fancy clothes, shoes, jewelry, phones, computers? You’re most likely going to end up pawning it all off. Transportation? You can just take a bus or carpool. Studying abroad? A lovely idea, but not if it’s logistically unsound. Dating? Oh, what’s so special about it, anyway?

    Of course, you should be proactive in saving and raising money to cut down on your need for loans, such as getting a campus job, applying for all the scholarships, and putting yourself down on the FAFSA as a dependent (living with your parents is not as looked down on as it used to be). But who can deny the importance of abstaining from excessive spending? It’s not just money, but your time is at stake, as well. Take as many credits as possible every semester, and only ones that apply to your degree, so that you’re not in school longer than you have to be, and thus not wasting money and time.

    (An easier alternative would be to just not go to college at all, but in the competitive world we live in, that is clearly out of the question, no?)

  92. Cody Milner says:

    Play my guitar and sing as a balledeer and take tips to pay for college . . .

  93. Cody Milner says:

    Become a physic and tell fortunes . . .

  94. Jasmin says:

    Apply for as much grants and scholarships as you can. Also work your butt off while your in college and save the money for next year

  95. Jose says:

    Live with your parents xD

  96. Berenice Alonso says:

    Ways to make college cheaper is to:
    – apply to as many scholarships as you can
    – get a job and save up the money
    – work the payment out with your parents (you pay half and they pay the other half)
    – buy used textbooks
    – get good grades in high school
    – save up on loans
    – ask counselors/teachers for help on saving up for college

  97. Blythe Brown says:

    If you want to make college cheaper/more affordable: there’s a few tips I can give. One, be searching for scholarships all throughout high school. Two, keep your grades up and do well on the SAT. More colleges will be willing to barter if they know they’re getting a high-quality, well-scoring, diligent student. Thirdly, when you’re working, put money aside to help pay for college. Four, look for deals on classes (that don’t NEED to be taken on campus) and college visits, which can get rather pricy. Five, look for on and off college campus jobs. Any little bit helps. Six, buy used books, or rent. Either way is cheaper than new books. Lastly, don’t go using money to buy unnecessary ‘comforts’ or video games. Just focus on success. Other than these seven things, look at other places online: there’s got to be more things to decrease the price of college.

  98. Loren Erway says:

    Play baseball, sell my poetry, do laundry at moms house, walk, mow lawns for the elderly, clean the football field after home games.

  99. Briana B says:

    I only take one class a semester and work full time.

  100. Apply for multiple scholarships. Don’t try to move out of your parents homes so fast. Apply for financial Aid. Get a job that doesn’t interfere with your studies. And don’t forget to learn how to cook large portions so that you can eat the left overs instead of buying fast food.

  101. Zach says:

    NEVER buy your books from the campus bookstore unless you absolutely have to!! Always try Half, Amazon, etc first!!

  102. Mafi Uipi says:

    don’t buy unnecessary things!

  103. jeannie says:

    apply for as many scolarships as you possibly can to see which one you qualify for.

  104. jeannie says:

    sell your old clothes to see if you can get money for them toward college

  105. jeannie says:

    ask your family and friends for a donation towards college

  106. jeannie says:

    sell everything out of your house ands eat and sleep on the floor

  107. Zachary Gordon says:

    Get good grades in school, on the SAT, and on the ACT.
    Obtain many Scholarships
    Take college classes in High School and over the summer,
    buy used textbooks.
    don’t eat out every night

  108. Jesseka says:

    In order to make college cheaper, I believe that most students can try to organize their own learning class like drawing, foreign language, or designing for money. Most people now like to learn new things, but not pay so much money for it.This idea would be perfect for students who like to interact and help other people.

  109. Je'Rhonda Brown says:

    Different businesses can sponsor students that are willing to finish college. For example, they can pay for the main stuff like books and living quarters.

  110. Laura Silva says:

    In my own perspective, college is no where near to be cheap! College is supposed to be expensive due to the fact that it is extraordinary and professional education. However, just because you hear about the cost and tuition fees, doesn’t mean that you should give up on your future. There are some helpful tips and solutions to this:
    1) Do well in high school.
    2) Figure out your talents: Maybe you’re good at sports, or an intellectual, bilangual, etc. Or maybe you’re a disabled person. These factors lead to scholarships of that matter.
    3)Search your college and see what lies within!

  111. Christina says:

    Walk everywhere! Do NOT drive! Do NOT eat on Campus!

  112. Alyssa says:

    live at home
    save up money for college
    earn scholarships/grants/fafsa/etc
    join the military and let them pay for your education
    eat canned food/and dry goods
    go to a campus near gas
    buy used books online then resell them and buy the others needed
    maintain a job and help pay for college to reduce the total debt amount

  113. Nick says:

    Trust fund baby!

  114. Nick says:

    Apply for every scholarship you see

  115. Lauren Paprocki says:

    Applying for scholarships, submitting your financial information to FASFA, ask what scholarships your colleges offers for you.

  116. Juliet Hagher says:

    used textbooks

  117. Daniel Retta says:

    How do we go about reducing this problem? What does a non-supported student spend the majority of his funds on just to get by? At least in my location, Monterey, California, the average rented room goes for $600 to $800 dollars, the closer to the school the more expensive. The less expensive the room, the higher the transportation cost.

    I dream of creating a non-profit or small business with these purposes in order of priority
    a) provide extremely low cost, upscale student housing
    b) produce a profit that will enable expansion throughout the state

    By purchasing a largish property very near the community college, removing the current low capacity structure and setting up small independent buildings similar to this (without the wheels):

    Placing 10 to fifteen of these with a three bathroom permanent structure on such a property would hopefully be able to bring housing costs down to the 300 to 400 range.

    Each building would have a small college sized fridge and freezer with a microwave and electric stove top, a bed frame built in, and a desk built in, providing all the necessities. Wifi would be broadcast throughout the property and cameras mounted atop poles would provide surveillance for property damage/criminal activity.

    The three bathrooms, likely made of white cement structure, would include a small sink, cheap replaceable mirror, a small cement bench with wood top paneling, and showers.

    Donations would graciously be accepted to further expand these low-cost student projects.

    Students would be required to be receiving financial aid and would be required to pay rent immediately towards housing between financial aid checks with a secured drop-box on-site.

  118. Evan Woodson says:

    Renting textbooks instead of buying them, walk or ride the bus instead of driving your car, eat at home instead of at school, definitly much cheaper

  119. Darren W says:

    Rent textbooks, dont live on campus, get alot of scholarships and make sure to buy needs and not wants.

  120. Chardelyne Mercure says:

    *Shop at thrift stores
    *Get a job and budget your money
    *Rent textbooks
    *When you shop, shop in bulk (groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. NOT clothes)

  121. Victoria Santillan says:

    Carpool, dont spend when you dont need to, dont eat out, if possibly go home to do laundry, never stop looking for scholarship opportunities.

  122. Haley C says:

    Ways to make college cheaper would to:
    1) borrow textbooks
    2) car pool
    3) if possible live at home
    4) apply for every possible scholarship
    5) get a job
    6) score high on the ACT

  123. Fatima says:

    Buying your weekly food supply at Sam’s Club in the worm of premade boxed meals!

  124. Fatima says:

    Keep your grades in the a-b range

  125. Amber Miller says:

    Apply for scholarships. If that don’t work, talk to financial aid. Even if they are loans you have to pay back, it will be well worth it in the end as long as you know you are going to college to better yourself and not just for the money.

  126. Amber Miller says:

    Get good grades(high GPA 3.0-4.0)

  127. Amber Miller says:

    Live and work close to school if it is a commuting college. saves gas.

  128. Caroline says:

    How do you make college cheaper? Invest a small amount of money every month in a mutual funds account! Then take out money as you need it for supplies.

  129. Caroline says:

    How do you make college cheaper? Make your own food at home instead of eating out!

  130. Kaitlyn Clark says:

    I’m not in college yet but I’ve been applying for scholarships since I was in the 7th grade…I’m a high school freshman this year. Ways I have been saving for college is by putting all the money I earn from working over the summer into a bank account I can’t pull money out of, also i am still applying for scholarships. Unfortunately, I have yet to win a scholarship.

  131. Cathleen says:

    Keep a change jar/piggy bank and put all of your loose change in it and deposit it into your savings every couple of months

  132. Cathleen says:

    Sell your unused clothes to Plato’s Closet. They are always looking for gently used clothing and you get paid to get rid of the clothes you don’t like.

  133. Cathleen says:

    Shop at the Dollar Store! Just because they do not have name brand items there, does not mean their stuff is not good.

  134. Cathleen says:

    Don’t ask for trivial things for gifts for your birthday/holidays. Ask for things you need like gift cards to the grocery store/gas station, new notebooks, new clothes if you really need it, or trade a big gift for an insurrance payment for that month instead.

  135. Ryan says:

    work hard at everything! full time student, 2 jobs and a commuter, saving every penny is what counts, weather its putting groceries back on the shelf, or skipping buying a book, or even missing a class to pick up that extra shift at work to make ends meet.

  136. Lexi says:

    “How to make college cheaper?” I am going to make college cheaper by living with my grandparents, I’m also going to coupon for my groceries, rent my books and use any scholarship money I get.

  137. Kyra Forrest says:

    Rent books instead of buying them!

  138. Kyra Forrest says:

    Dollar store= Best friend

  139. Kyra Forrest says:

    You see those things you call feet… USE THEM & save gas!

  140. Kyra Forrest says:

    Free bus system by your school? USE IT!

  141. Kyra Forrest says:

    Grandma loves to cook… and you need to eat. Have lovely family members mail food in bulk 🙂

  142. Kyra Forrest says:

    If your friends are offering to buy… there’s no need to object. save money!

  143. Kyra Forrest says:

    If your off- campus apartment has a pest problem & is on the shady side of town, who cares?! At least you’re saving money on rent.

  144. Kyra Forrest says:

    Thinking of getting cable tv? Don’t do it, save money.

  145. Kyra Forrest says:

    Fewer showers = lower water bill…

  146. Anna Klein says:

    1.) Buy cheap foods
    2.) Do not buy alcohol…too expensive
    3.) Live at home
    4.) Buy clothes from Goodwill or other cheap stores
    5.) Instead of giving cards for birthdays, create them yourself

  147. La'key Mitchell says:

    You can save money for college by evaluating your spending habits. Finding out what luxury items you can cut back on and sticking closer to what you need to get by.

  148. Lily says:

    Use AP credit to get out of some freshman year courses!

  149. Luz says:

    Well in order to make your college cheaper you should get a job and not spend your money on unnessasary things like expensive clothes, the movies etc. Another idea would be to join dual credit courses you can get a lot of college credits, it will look good on your transcript and best of all its free, during school and it saves you alot of money you would have spent on college classes. And of course apply for as many scholarships as you can.

  150. Justine says:

    Buy food for everyone in your dorm/hall for a week and share the costs of the food. Much cheaper than eating out all the time!

  151. Justine says:

    Learn how to shop on websites like or; there are extremely cheap textbooks, clothes, furniture, etc. you can find online.

  152. Justine says:

    Apply to multiple scholarships like “How Do You Make College Cheaper.”

  153. Justine says:

    Have some dresses, purses, textbooks that you don’t want anymore? Sell some of your junk that you don’t need on ebay!

  154. Justine says:

    Use all the things you’ve been learning – go tutor high school or middle school students in the area on weekends. If you’re not interested in teaching academic areas, be someone’s personal coach in a sport.

  155. Justine says:

    If your college has many prerequisites, take these prerequisites at a local community college for much cheaper. Use these credits to cut down from the required four years at your university to three or even two.

  156. Justine says:

    Avoid borrowing money as much as you can – the interest will build up and cause repercussions in the future.

  157. Justine says:

    Aggressively seek jobs or paid internships during the summer or on weekends. Consider taking a work-study.

  158. Justine says:

    Research each college before applying – some colleges are known to give more financial aid than others. Some colleges (like Cooper Union or Webb Institute). Also consider colleges in areas where the cost of living is not so high (for example, the cost of living in NYC is extremely high).

  159. Justine says:

    Consider getting one or more roommates. If rooming is expensive, sharing a room with others will decrease the amount that you have to pay.

  160. Justine says:

    Make the most out of every class!!! Even if this doesn’t make college cheaper necessarily, you will make the most out of what you are spending and increase the chances of finding a good job, earning the amount you want to earn, and paying back all those years of college tuition.

  161. Justine says:

    Embrace the art of bargain shopping, especially in places like Goodwill or Marshall’s.

  162. Justine says:

    Clip coupons and buy in bulk at the supermarket – you can finish off those cans of Snapple over the next month or two!

  163. Justine says:

    Carpool whenever you can. If the bus has a fare, and bikes are too expensive, invest in some roller skates! If you don’t know how to roller skate you can probably learn quickly.

  164. Monica says:

    I would make college cheaper by getting scholarships, and I would use less loans as possible. I would watch my spending habits, such as shopping, eating out, and any other non-neccessary spending.

  165. Damiko says:

    Saving money and earning cash are two main factors that will make college cheaper for me. Saving money for me set a financial standard for myself so that I can always have a way to pay for school supplies if or and tuition. Earning money by having a part-time job and participating in financially beneficial activities are good ways to be progressive in an approach to make college expenses cheaper and more affordable.

  166. Monica C. says:

    1) Walk to school- burn calories for free (no need for a gym); Walking also helps stimulate your brain, which will make you more alert in class, therefore increasing your brain activity, which will, in turn , lead to better grades
    2)Ask for many teacher recommendations
    3)Join as many clubs as possible- make yourself available (You also meet new friends, which will make you happier, which will improve your self-esteem, which will improve your confidence)
    4)Never take alcohol/drugs/smoke- This saves your health- which means you won’t have to pay money for the doctor, and you will live longer
    5)Don’t use a car- better for the environment, your weight (car=no exercise), and for your wallet (no need to pay for gas)
    6)Eat only fruits and vegetables (which increase your energy and help your health)
    7)Eat carrots everyday- which improves your eyesight- no need for glasses- no need to pay for an optometrist.
    8)Live with your parents- free rooming, free laundry, free food
    9)No makeup- good for your skin and good for your wallet
    10)Apply for as many scholarships as you can
    11)Get good grades
    12)Never do anything immoral (i.e. cheats, steal)- Not good for your soul or your reputation
    13) Use a library computer- no need to pay for personal computer- which adds to the electricity bill- which helps save you money
    14)Caffeine (Tea/Coffee) is your friend- No calories- good for on the go;economical
    15)Throw out your T.V.- It causes distractions which can cause absent-mindedness, which will curb your study habits, which will decline your GPA, which will curb your chances of getting into a college; TV also uses too much electricity- you can save money on your electric bill, which in turn you will have more money for college
    16)Be presentable during interviews
    17)Get a job!
    18)Be a nice, moral person- “What goes around, comes around…”
    19)Volunteer- change lives, which will ultimately change yourself and your attitude
    20) Never take out loans- not worth it!
    21)Go to bed early and sleep for about 8-10 hours (“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”- Ben Franklin) Sleep reduces stress, keeps you happy, keeps you well rested, and makes you smarter- therefore you will get better grades
    22)Get Principal’s Recommendation- It will make you seem ‘hardcore’ and ‘desirable’
    23)Score Big on the SAT- To study for the SAT borrow a library book (free) and study for it
    24) Clothes- borrow your mom’s clothes if you are the same size. Borrow her accessories, purses, and shoes. You save time (from shopping) and money (from shopping)
    25)Make your own food- (Borrow a cookbook from the library) – Making your own food- increases creativity which increases brain power, which will make you happier, which will make you healthier, which will help you earn better grades in school- in turn, possibly a college scholarship
    26)Borrow College books from friends, from family, or the library.
    27)Pray, Pray, Pray!
    28) Always be yourself!
    29)Get as much advice about college from your High School Senior friends!
    32)Take a bunch of AP classes to earn college credits
    31)Post a comment on this site, hoping to win a scholarship.

    ~Comment Copyright: Monica C.~

  167. Joseph S. says:

    Shop at the thrift shop. Only buy the essential laundry supplies. Learn to cook actual meals, you can use cooking skills to get students to pay you or trade something in exchange for your cooking.

  168. Kim P. says:

    Don’t live on campus if you can help it. Try and find student co-ops.

  169. HeatherSueOngley says:

    There have been many ways that current students or potential students have answered the old question of “how do you make college cheaper?” To make college cheaper I suggest to only borrow as much money that is absolutely necessary to cover the costs of your schooling. Too often students will borrow more than their classes cost. For example, I know of a student who borrowed the maximum allowed for a 3rd year undergraduate, $12,500. This student borrowed the maximum amount and after receiving qualified grants there was $1700 of extra money left over. The student wasted this money often going out to eat, buying clothes, and buying expensive toys such as a 50’inch flat screen tv. Now that the student has finished college the payment on the loans that is required to be paid back is over $400/month. If this student would have only borrowed the minimum amount to cover the classes they would have had a much lesser payment per month. After it was figured out the payments would have been over $120/month cheaper.

  170. neka says:

    LOWER THE COST OF TUITION AND OTHER FEES ( SCHOOLS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE) MOST STUDENTS CANT AFFORD IT, AND LOANS are available but it take YRS to REPAY JUST ONE. also PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH MORE RESOURCES THAT HELP THEM TO SUCCEED, eg… counselors and experts from our field of study to help prepare us for better success.

  171. Julie Murphy says:

    Have you pay for it.

  172. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    I normally make sure I study and pass my courses to avoid taking it over and paying twice.

  173. wendy rozema says:

    Stay at your parents house instead of a dorm room

  174. Samantha Shannon says:

    Bum rides.
    never buy textbooks, borrow them.
    Not telling the financial aid office there is a mistake on my account and I am not being charged any tuition, and hoping they will never figure it out.

    Just kidding about the last one!!!

  175. Linnette Evans says:

    Make sure you do your work and pass all your classes, that way you would not have to worry about getting money to pay for a failed class.

  176. Christopher says:

    Take your laundry home to MOM

  177. Jahmad Burns says:

    By answering this question and winning the award…

  178. Jahmad Burns says:

    Take shorter showers for to lessen utility costs

  179. Jahmad Burns says:

    Buy ALL of your clothing ONLY when it’s on sale

  180. Jahmad Burns says:

    Become a leech when it comes to food, meaning eating off of other people’s plate

  181. Jahmad Burns says:

    Live in a box

  182. Jahmad Burns says:

    Get a free checking and savings acount

  183. Jahmad Burns says:

    Save all your loose change in a jar

  184. Jahmad Burns says:

    Don’t drink alcohol

  185. Jahmad Burns says:

    Save ALL of your receipts

  186. james says:

    car pooling with friends and having a part time job.

  187. Laupepa says:

    live with your parents or relatives to cut costs on living expenses so you don’t have to pay for dormitories

  188. Eat inexpensive food items such as Ramen noodles, canned soup, mac & cheese, etc.

  189. Take college classes in high school or study/work incredibly hard to pass AP exams in order to earn college credits. The more college credits you earn in high school, the less classes you need to take in college, therefore you may have the ability to graduate earlier, allowing you to enter the workforce even earlier.

  190. Work hard so you do not fail any classes in college.

  191. See where you can cut back on material items that may not be necessary.

  192. Cutting down on your cellphone bill by not having a data plan or a texting plan.

  193. Kristin Norris says:

    Live at home! It might not be ideal, but it sure does help a lot.

  194. Eddy Poot says:

    Get lucky in Vegas and win enough to pay for college.

  195. Jamie Sommer says:

    Okay, we all can agree when we first go into college we feel “poor”. That is because all of our money goes towards tuition and books. I try to keep it cheap. When I am buying my groceries I aim for the dollar items or the “off-brand” food items. I mean why not it tastes the same, normally the off-brands of anything scare others away. That is one way of keeping money in your wallet. Also, plan out your activities wisely. If you are bored and want to find something to do with your friends, find on-campus activities/events. A lot of the time, those activities are free to attend too. To students living in dorms, there are always free activities by the RA’s that help cure boredom. SCHOLARSHIPS are the key. My parents always told me to apply for as many as I can. Even if you think you will not win one, the more you apply to, the higher the chance you have to win one. My last piece of advice to keep things cheap is whenever you visit home, bring your laundry with you. Yes it is a pain in the butt when you just want to enjoy your time with your friends and family but that way you can wash as many clothes as you want without paying for the laundry machines. Also if you live close enough to school, commuting is the way to go!!! Sadly I do not live close enough where commuting is an option. 🙁

  196. Ashley Sanders says:

    Win a lot of scholarships!

  197. Ashley Sanders says:

    Be valedictorian of your high school class and get free tuition to select public schools!

  198. Ashley Sanders says:

    Use public transportation to save money on gas!

  199. Ashley Sanders says:

    Take AP classes in high school (and pass the AP exams)!

  200. Ashley Sanders says:

    Live in your car!

  201. Ashley Sanders says:

    Borrow all of your textbooks or buy them used and then sell them back at the end of the semester!

  202. Ashley Sanders says:

    Shop at thrift stores! They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; plus it’ll save you money.

  203. Ashley Sanders says:

    Get a job!

  204. Ashley Sanders says:

    Open a free savings account and only withdraw money if necessary! (FYI the latest fashion trends are NOT a necessity.)

  205. Ashley Sanders says:

    Win the lottery!

  206. Ashley Sanders says:

    Get good grades so colleges will give you merit aid!

  207. Ashley Sanders says:

    Post as many reasons for this scholarship as you can think of and ask your friends and family to do the same (since the scholarship is transferable)! Then hope that one of them will be the winner.

  208. Kathryn Lawrence says:

    Spend time every day looking for scholarships. Get a job during high school to save money for college. Get good grades and be involved in the community (makes you more desirable for scholarships.) Eat less and walk to classes.

  209. Sarah says:

    Be organized. That way you will be a better student, for potential scholarships, and be a better spender.

  210. Amanda Watson says:

    Using public transportation to get to school, living with family, and apply, apply, apply for SCHOLARSHIPS!!!

  211. Irek says:

    Not going to college or getting a job or sign up for tons of scholarships or just follow your dream and things will turn up just fine 🙂

  212. Cyrus Washington says:

    Become an RA (Resident Assistant).

  213. Cyrus Washington says:

    Become one with your Native American roots (if you have any).

  214. Cyrus Washington says:

    Tell your parents not to claim you and claim yourself! Could possibly get more financial aid.

  215. Cyrus Washington says:

    Live in the library, and tell people you’re always studying.

  216. Cyrus Washington says:

    Find a rich student and fall in love.

  217. Cyrus Washington says:

    Easy! Get excellent grades!

  218. Cyrus Washington says:

    Sell your meal plan points to off campus students.

  219. Cyrus Washington says:

    Do other people’s papers.

  220. Cyrus Washington says:

    Become the local barber/hairdresser.

  221. Cyrus Washington says:

    Become a TA for a class.

  222. Cyrus Washington says:

    Write letters to notable/prominent alumni, and ask for sponsorship.

  223. Cyrus Washington says:

    Become very close with the dean of the dept. and hint at the need for more financial aid/scholarships from the dept.

  224. Cody Forsyth says:

    Sell your unneeded belongings.

  225. Cody Forsyth says:

    Try to win full ride scholarships.

  226. Andrew Chang says:

    Optimize cost efficiency of meal plans and transportation needs while applying for scholarships.

  227. Hannah Warvel says:

    Carpool with other people to get places like school or the store.

  228. Hannah Warvel says:

    Live with roommates and split the cost of the room between you.

  229. Hannah Warvel says:

    Become really good at a sport and get a scholarship.

  230. Hannah Warvel says:

    Walk to classes instead of driving.

  231. Hannah Warvel says:

    Buy used books from other people online.

  232. alica swanson says:

    you can make school cheaper by getting scholarships.

  233. Hannah Warvel says:

    Keep all the money you find or earn.

  234. Hannah Warvel says:

    Have summer jobs to gain money.

  235. Kris says:

    Save money from 9th grade up.

  236. Kris says:

    Re-use as many school supplies as possible (instead of buying all new pens/notebooks/etc).

  237. Kris says:

    Make things to sell on etsy or ebay.

  238. Kris says:

    If you sing/play an instrument, play at the mall or a busy corner to earn some cash from some random, kind people.

  239. Kris says:

    Make up creative items to sell during a flea market.

  240. Kris says:

    Baby-sitting is an oldie, but a goodie! Check around and see who’s looking for a new baby-sitter.

  241. Kris says:

    “Waste not, want not.” Save those left-overs to re-heat and eat later!

  242. Kris says:

    Get a library card. You’ll never have to buy entertainment- a library has loads of awesome movies and books FOR FREE.

  243. Kris says:

    Buy refurbished laptops and phones. They can be just as good as those brand new, but much cheaper. It’ll save you money when it comes to buying new school electronics!

  244. Kris says:

    Buy a reliable bike if you live on campus. It’s a lot cheaper than buying gas and keeping a car repaired.

  245. Sierra S. says:

    Win this scholarship.

  246. Christian says:

    While in high school, take advantage of the advance courses and do AP classes for 9th through 10th grades, after that talk to your counselor about dual enrollment for 11th and 12th grade. All the while be applying for any scholarships possible.

  247. Bianca Roberson says:

    I make college cheaper by taking college level classes in high school. Even though AP classes may be tough and rigorous, they save time and money in college. I consider these classes an investment to my future.

  248. Daniela Hurtado says:

    Simple, take advantage of every scholarship you qualify for.

  249. Sarah says:

    You can make college cheaper by the government threatening to nationalize colleges. Tuitions costs would plummet, students would not have to worry about mortgaging their futures, and the government would cut down on student loan debt. As of now, all those subsidized loans do is add to the national debt load that often won’t be repaid because students become so overwhelmed with their student loans. Down with the coveted liberal arts educations that make students unemployable, and raise up curriculum that actually teaches valuable skills for the field the student wishes to pursue. Obviously there are skeptics (myself included) who say that nationalizing our college education system will create a new version of the common core nonsense currently making its way through secondary education, but if cost cutting is the main priority, then nationalizing is the way to go.

  250. Julian Herrera says:

    Cut Military Spending by half and invest more of that money in education.

  251. Jasmine Spikes says:

    Sleep in your class rooms and eat the scraps at the cafeteria!

  252. Linda Jada says:

    I make college cheaper by living literally 5 minute walk from the college. Saves me money when I’m hungry and less time to rush. Also I live with trusted friends, which makes rent so much cheaper and in cold winter weather we can all carpool since we all go to the same college. I also picked up a part time job for after classes that helps me to get by till summer break when I’m back to working more hours to save for the following year.

  253. Emmanuel A says:

    Do your work in class and believe in yourself

  254. Mckenzie Reynolds says:

    Buy international textbooks…even though the print is significantly larger in some countries, the cost can be cut in half.

  255. Kaylon Hunter says:

    Be at the top of your game with everything you do in highschool(academic and extracurricular) to get noticed and EARN scholarships!

  256. Kaylon Hunter says:

    Hardwork, dedication, determination, and scholarships!

  257. Kerstin says:

    There are several ways to make college cheaper: stay in a cheaper dorm/at home, find a cheap meal plan, continuously apply for scholarships, and work part time.

  258. Kerstin says:

    accept the fact you will either never shop or bargain shop at goodwill/thrift stores

  259. Kerstin says:

    Accept the fact you will either never shop or bargain shop at goodwill/thrift stores. Clothes are cheap and many times quite fashionable

  260. Kerstin says:

    Focus on your grades, colleges like smart people, they will lower your tuition

  261. Kerstin says:

    Be talented at something, whether sports, arts, or grades; colleges want people who stick out

  262. Monia says:

    Want to save on living expenses? Travel back and fourth from your parents house to college.

  263. Britini says:

    Start investing in the stock market at a young age

  264. Britini says:

    Only spend on what is needed instead of always on what you want

  265. Fulton says:

    Find easy ways to make money, using sites like bing rewards. Do surveys online. Apply to as many scholarships as you possibly can. Try and get a paid internship or a job.

  266. Eddie Miller says:

    Make college cheaper by planning out your meals for the week. Ready your meals every Sunday and put them in different colored Tupperware! Always have one cheat day; where you go out to a restaurant and eat what you want! Keep applying for amazing scholarships like this one. One more way to make college cheaper is to do your work and take care of your business in the classroom. The faster you do your work, the quicker you can graduate college. More years equals more money that you have to spend. Do your work, get your degree, and be free!

  267. Reagan R says:

    How to save Money
    -Sell your body
    -Sell your friends cat
    -Collect Pop can
    -Paw your mother jewelry
    -Donate sperm/eggs
    -Steal and sell high school books

  268. Annie says:

    -“Farewell-Hometown” Garage Sale during the summr before college
    -Entering sweepstakes as a hobby (if you do it often’ll probably
    win one)
    -Start an eBay/Craigslist donations thread
    -Shop at online stores like Amazon to save money
    -Do online surveys that pay via paypal in your free time (it will add up
    -Be (really) nice to your parents
    -Check your college’s core requirements and do those in community college
    during high school to save money.
    -Accept that fact that you are poor, for the next 4 years at least. The
    moment you accept, you’ll start spending less.
    -Scan those free schoarship databases, and apply, apply, apply!!

  269. Efemona says:

    Shave off all your hair so you don’t have to spend money on hair products!

  270. Sonny says:

    You can make college cheaper by getting a job, saving up money live with your parents,eat at your house instead of eating out .

  271. Aldo Garcia says:

    Have the smallest amount of clothing possible, and only do laundry until your clothing is not fit for public use.

  272. saydi turner says:

    Fill out many scholarships, and submitting a FASFA form each year. simply being dedicated to your studies can make college cheaper.

  273. Buying, renting, borrowing and searching the internet for as many books as possible.

  274. Spend your time studying, reading, or hanging with schoolmates on the yard to prevent spending any extra cash!!!

  275. Trying to obtain all possible scholarships and grants.

  276. Bike everywhere you need to go. You get exercise and get where you need to go.

  277. Obtain scholarships like this one

  278. Stick to the meal plan without many in between snacks.

  279. Workstudy if I can obtain it

  280. Find on campus resources

  281. Claire says:

    ways to make college cheaper…
    – study hard/make the most out of every actvity
    – work study
    – work during the summer
    – apply for every scholarship you can

  282. Claire says:

    You can make your college experiences cheaper/cost less by applying yourself. For example its important that you are proactive when looking for scholarships and other sorts of college funds. But, when it comes to college their is another kind of cost you are paying. You are payig an “opportunity cost.” Not only does college cost you money it also costs you time, and in order to get your “opportunity” cost to go down you need to make the most out of you college experience. whether that be applying yourself in your studies making sure you have strong academics or applying/investing yourself in relationships; networking with people. Overall in order to make college “cheaper” or cost less its important that you apply yourself. Making sure you are pursuing every opportunity to make it work for you whether that be scholarships (and other monetary resources), academics or relationships.

  283. Diana L. Moreno says:

    The way you make college cheaper is by applying to a lot of scholarships even if they are small scholarships, you still go for it. You can also live at home to save that money that you will spend living at a college campus. However, if you choose to live on campus make sure to enroll in the Resident Assistant position, to be able to get the dorm free. You can also rent books instead of buying, sometimes others leave notes in them that can help you on whatever you are working on. You can also get a job, that will help you get money for books and tuition. Final one, shop smart, meaning that you should spend your money wisely. Spend money on things that you really need!

  284. Loren Mendoza says:

    Have a meal plan that consists of ramen and the McDonald’s Dollar Menu. Apply for the same classes as someone you know that graduated and use their books. Ride a bike to save gas. Cut your own hair.

  285. Kristianne Reyher says:


  286. Kristianne Reyher says:

    Costco is where it’s at

  287. Kristianne Reyher says:

    Stick close to home

  288. Kristianne Reyher says:

    Apply yourself

  289. Kristianne Reyher says:

    part-time babysitting

  290. Kristianne Reyher says:

    skip dinner?

  291. Kasey Traylor says:

    One way of saving money as a college student is cutting down on small costs, because as the saying goes “A penny saved is a penny earned!”
    Shopping at thrift stores is a great way of finding bargain clothes while having fun treasure-hunting for the perfect outfit.

    Many clothes that can be found at thrift stores have little to no stains or holes, and range from stylish and trendy to vintage and old-fashioned. In addition to saving money, many thrift stores, like Goodwill, help others that are in need such as veterans.

  292. Kasey Traylor says:

    Surprisingly, what many people don’t know is that being broke can actually GET you money for college! Who knew?

    Many of the most selective colleges and universities award up to the cost of tuition (college attendance cost), room (rent/dorm costs), and board (food costs) to incoming applicants that have significant financial need, such as a household combined income under $60,000/year.

    Some of these colleges do expect some form of expected financial contribution to be made on the behalf of the student and/or parents, but thanks to the multitude of scholarships available (in addition to work-study opportunities), this monetary hurdle can be overcome quite easily. Hope this helps!

  293. Kasey Traylor says:

    If you’re having trouble affording college, another helpful way of saving money is by cutting down on your living expenses.

    If you are attending a college that is in close proximity to your parents’ house, living at home could save you alot of moolah in laundry, food, and travel/car expenses, on top of all the money you would be saving in dorm or rent costs (not to mention getting to spend some good ol’ quality time with mom and dad).

    If living with your parents doesn’t seem like a suitable option, try getting an apartment with a friend, relative, or fellow college student (which would also save you money if you were to carpool to school together).

    Not only would you have the freedom that comes with ‘living on your own’, but you would be essentially getting a 50 percent discount on the rent! (or even more savings if you are willing to acquire more roommates). Sacrificing a bit of personal space can pay off, literally!

  294. Kasey Traylor says:

    Another way of saving money for college is doing well academically in high school. By taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes and receiving passing scores on the exams in high school, you won’t have to take those same courses in college (saving you both time and money!)

    In addition to AP classes, you can choose to do dual/concurrent enrollment courses at your local community college. In this situation, you can take advanced classes for college credit, and these credits can be transferred to many four-year universities and post-secondary institutions (which, like high school AP classes, can save you a ton in money and time!)

  295. Shelby J says:

    Simply don’t go for the most expensive college; a college that is smaller but still respected and has your interests, go for it! It’ll keep you out of the nightmare of student loans for the rest of your life.

  296. The way that I have so far made college cheaper for myself is by dual enrolling, saving me an entire year of college tuition!

  297. Taylor Crawford says:

    I am making college cheaper for myself by taking dual enrollment classes during my junior and senior year of high school. The tuition is cheaper during high school than college. Instead of paying $213 per credit hour, I am paying $85: a savings of $128! Plus I save on textbook costs because they are free during high school.
    Taking these classes shorten the time I will spend in college too, which makes college cheaper too.

  298. Taylor Crawford says:

    I can make college cheaper by living at home while attending community college. This way I can save on room and board by living at home with my parents.

  299. Taylor Crawford says:

    I can make college cheaper by attending a college that my parents graduated from. I can hopefully also save some money by receiving an alumni scholarship.

  300. Jhuly Abeledo says:

    One way you can make college cheaper is by attending a community college first to get your general education out of the way and then go to a college or university.

  301. Julia Pagliaro says:

    by applying for scholarships!

  302. Vanessa says:

    Getting scholarships and grants are he ideal way of paying for college. However, some students may not always qualify for them. So, what do we tell these students to do to pay for college? Taking out loans is definitely not the answer. Students can apply for work-study programs, find a job off campus, or live at home while going to college and attend a public university. Tuition in public universities is often significantly lower than in private universities. There is also the option of attending a community college, which often have low tuition rates, for the first two years, then transferring to a public university.

  303. Summer Bachert says:

    Sign up for different scholarship websites. Use it to your advantage and start early!

  304. Summer Bachert says:

    Work when you can and save up.

  305. Summer Bachert says:

    Talk to your guidance counselor and start planning for college. Look for the cheaper options that work for you.

  306. Summer Bachert says:

    Grow your own food! Get in touch with nature and learn how to preserve your food to help save money.

  307. Summer Bachert says:

    Stay close to home.

  308. Summer Bachert says:

    Ride a bike! If the college is close enough you don’t have to drive. You won’t be paying for gas and you’ll get some exercise.

  309. Summer Bachert says:

    Live at home if you plan on going to a community college.

  310. Summer Bachert says:

    Work, live, and go to school in relatively the same area so that you won’t have to travel far. You’ll be saving and making money.

  311. Summer Bachert says:

    If you aren’t going to college close to home then get an apartment with a group of friends and split the cost.

  312. Summer Bachert says:

    Only spend money on what you need.

  313. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Learning how to cut hair can be a great way to save money for a man. If a man can cut his own hair he could save about $300 a year on that alone! He could also cut his friends hair to make some money on the side.

  314. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Becoming an RA can be a good way to save money while in college as an upperclassman. At many universities RA’s are given free or discounted rooms which can save students thousands a year!

  315. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Buy your text books used

  316. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Try to resell your textbooks whenever possible

  317. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Always look for coupons, discounts, and specials before you buy something

  318. Nikolas Zapata says:

    Buy generic brand items as they are often times similar to brand name items and and significantly cheaper

  319. Makayla Bishop says:

    Working AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and searching for scholarships during the summer!

  320. Angela Coleman says:

    1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERYTHING YOUR COLLEGE HAS TO OFFER! You will soon learn from upperclassmen how and when to do this.
    2. Stay posted on all events around campus because that’s when they give out the free food.
    3. Being a student ambassador means that at Open Houses, there will be some food for you.
    4. Never turn down a free school shirt.
    5. Scour out school jobs at freshman orientation because none of the upperclassmen will have come back yet to take the jobs.
    6. Always be that person who “knows a guy”.
    7. Get a coupon book and let it be your new best friend. And let the dollar store be your other friend.
    8. Be active in clubs because that’s where free food can lurk as well.
    9. Be an entrepreneur and shovel snow for people in the surrounding around (unless you’re in a place like Florida, where you could mow lawns).
    10. Take commissions on Deviant Art!
    11. Find garage sale treasures, like furniture.
    12. Apply to the scholarship for your elementary school…and your middle school…and your high school.
    13. Shop with your grandparents to get that senior discount on Tuesdays.
    14. Stay focused in high school so when it comes time for college entrance exams, you can test out of some of those basic classes.
    15. Tutor people.

  321. Justin Wiebe says:

    Get a job

  322. Justin Wiebe says:

    Apply for as many scholarships as possible

  323. Justin Wiebe says:

    Keep personal spending to an absolute minimum

  324. Justin Wiebe says:

    Get internships in the summer

  325. Justin Wiebe says:

    Mac and Cheese is fairly cheep

  326. Justin Wiebe says:

    Look thoroughly for the cheapest textbooks.

  327. Justin Wiebe says:

    Schedule so you can graduate as soon as possible

  328. Justin Wiebe says:

    Get rides with other people instead of having to buy a parking permit and pay for gas and repairs.

  329. Nancy Alcaraz says:

    First of all, you choose a college that it isn’t going to run you thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. You consider your options and make your decision taking into the account the FINANCIAL aspect of the university and career pathway you’re going with. You don’t go to school for $60,000 a year to get a $40,000 paying job. School expenses and career choices should match up. An education and a bachelor’s degree will be the same anywhere you go. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things ( or A LOT ) of things so you’re better off in the long run. Additionally, you get your head on straight and make a solid plan. Know where you’re going to get money from , get a job, do research on loans(!), and be prepared. Apply to all scholarships known to man! Just apply, you can’t win any money if you don’t apply. Millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year because organizations can’t find students to give money to. Are you reading this? They CAN’T find students to give money to! Get off your bum and go help some people get a break on their taxes by giving you money.

  330. Halley Ham says:

    Live off of ramen noodles for FOUR years! Hello new skinny me and hello bigger savings account!!

  331. Patience Parry says:

    Make education cheaper by continuing to apply for scholarships all throughout your four years at college. Cook at home whenever you can, get a job on campus (library, RA, dining hall), and don’t forget that it is always the best idea to rent used textbooks from Amazon instead of buying them used or new! College is a once in a lifetime experience. Make the most of it but don’t let it make the most of your money.

  332. Paddy says:

    How about saving some extra money for your scholarship by buying a refurbished laptop rather than a new one. That should leave some extra money to pay for fees.

  333. Kaitlyn G. says:

    By being selected as the winner for the “How Do YOU Make College Cheaper” scholarship.

  334. Jahbreia Valcourt says:

    stock up on the toilet paper and stuff before you get there.

  335. Jahbreia Valcourt says:

    Buy candy in bulk and become the hall candy hookup

  336. Jahbreia Valcourt says:

    Shop for books at CHEAPER TEXTBOOKS

  337. Jahbreia Valcourt says:

    if you can walk or bike there DROP THE CAR KEYS

  338. Yves Dumayas says:

    How do I make college cheaper?

    Start by being active in academics and extra activities in your high school. Try your best to have good grades and aim to be your class Valedictorian. By that, you can apply different scholarships to help you go to the college you want with just a cheap tuition. Do community service for backup! But doing your best and applying to a lot of scholarship will make your college cost cheaper 🙂

  339. TyAnna Wade says:

    Make college cheaper, keeping my grades up in order to receive more scholarships (or hopefully a full ride!) and more opportunities.

  340. Tutor algebra students.
    Do laundry for friends.
    Become an Uber driver on game nights.

  341. Kacie Klinglesmith says:

    Instead of putting your loose change in the tip jar to get rid of it, put it in a really big piggy bank.

  342. Michelle Johnson says:

    Sell food(chips, drinks, ramen noodles,etc.) and toiletries out of your dorm, or even make clothes and sell them if you’re creative.

  343. Ryan Adams says:

    1) Get Good Grades
    2) Be Active in you community/Be Involved
    3) Do NOT get yourself in trouble, risk your chance even getting into college and then Scholarships would not mean a thing
    4) Be Creative (its key to winning them)
    5) Apply, Apply and Apply some more
    6) Receive Free Money for College!
    * Definition of Cheap$cholar
    * The Obvious answer to Cheaper is Cheap$cholar!

  344. Sidney Idell says:

    Cook BIG meals and sell your homemade food to other students for $5/plate!

  345. Crystal says:

    Budgeting my money

  346. Tyonne Roberts says:

    Make it mandatory to take a college prep class before high school graduation. This class should include a in-depth explanation of the coast of going to college. This class should also require a written out plan of how you will pay for school i.e (scholarships, government funding etc.) This class should also give students the opportunity to give ideas on how to make school cheaper. This plan even though it will change should also be a requirement to get into college. You should be able show your plan and be given a scholarship for maintaining it. Find away to incorporate parents into this specific high school class. It should not be mandatory but offered as extra credit if they can attend. Keeping parents informative will help students make better decisions in college.

  347. Alexena Arnold says:

    No need for a car… just bum rides or walk.

  348. Alexena Arnold says:

    Start crossing off things off on the grandparents to-do list for money

  349. Alexena Arnold says:

    Rule Number One: Always buy pasta when it’s buy one get one, no exceptions.

  350. Pearl Park says:

    Vote for Bernie Sanders

  351. Michael Concepcion says:

    Apply to all scholarships and try not to go insane to do it
    Couch surf instead of living in an dorm
    Walk everywhere, Exercise will help you stay fit (so you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership)
    Grow an urban farm (just spend money on the seeds)
    Go vegan! (after making an urban farm of course)
    Use free wifi-hotspots and areas that give you free places to charge your electronics to access textbooks online

  352. Yeshua Salgado says:

    You keep applying for scholarships and you make sure you’re doing good academically. You also go ahead and make sure you help your parents in anyway you can so that they will want to help you with college. You apply for fasfa no matter what the income is of your parents. You tweet out to many famous people asking them for retweets on how they can pay for your college!

  353. Taylor Carlson says:

    Pick a college close to home so that you are able to stay with your parents and receive free room and board. Not having to pay rent or buy food will save you lots of money that can then apply towards college fees.

  354. Jonathan Pacheco says:

    Renting out textbooks is always a cheaper option than paying upwards of 200 dollars for a book you might not even use. If I want new clothes I head down to goodwill or other thrift stores and look around. Going to events and other activities that do not cost money such as camping.

  355. Amanda Huggins says:

    Make less money the year before you start so you have a lower EFC and get more grants!

  356. Alexis Jurek says:

    Coupons, coupons, coupons. They can save you so much money, and sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll get a little money back.

  357. Daisy Abonza says:

    Textbooks are required for most college course. Personally, I like to get my books from Amazon ahead of time. This usually allows me to get them around half off if not more. I recommend that you look on amazon or other such sites before getting your books from the campus bookstore. You might be surprised at the deals you could get.

  358. Jahia Fevrier says:

    I make college cheaper by doing my laundry at home, attending meetings on campus that provide free food and living off groceries til I go back home.

  359. Adrian Trapp says:

    To make college cheaper one could apply for a ton of scholarships, buy used textbooks, and focus on buying needs instead of wants when living on campus or just commute

  360. apply to as many scholarships as possible and save your money.

  361. Derek cherry says:

    Sell your sperm, probably just wasting it anyway. Sell your blood, it’s for a great cause and puts money in your pocket. Scrap all steel, aluminum cans, copper. Great for the environment and you guessed it,$$ cash $$.

  362. Alysha Medina says:

    You can make college cheaper by using as many used books as possible, selling back books you had no choice but to buy, and apply to as many scholarships as possible. Every bit counts so don’t exclude to smaller scholarships just because they don’t give you big bucks.

  363. Brianna says:

    Most students want to enjoy their time off on weekends which means spending money on movies, shopping or partying. These activities can be enjoyed with friends from the comfort of your own home or dorm. I would make an effort to seek out free activities in my area as well. Being that I am located downtown, there are many historical sites that can be enjoyed for little to no costs. Searching for inexpensive things to do in close proximity will also mean saving money on gas in the process. Besides these tactics, I think the most forgotten money saver for college students is their student identification card. Personally, I always forget how many places offer discounts so I am making an effort to make sure I visit more places that lookout for the financial wellbeing of students like myself.

  364. Josie Van says:

    To save money for college you can… pick up “recyclables” after a football game.

  365. Eunjin Seo says:

    Work at on-campus restaurants or stores where you can get employee discounts.

  366. Eunjin Seo says:

    participate in paid researches at school

  367. Eunjin Seo says:

    Order biggest plate at a restaurant and also get a togo box for later

  368. Eunjin Seo says:

    Make a great use of discounts and promo codes for any purchases

  369. Eunjin Seo says:

    Look out for scholarships, fundings, and grants

  370. Eunjin Seo says:

    Sell used books, clothes, shoes, etc.

  371. Eunjin Seo says:

    Make a good use of student discounts at movies, bowling, etc.

  372. Eunjin Seo says:

    Sublease apartment for summer and winter

  373. Dyamon Brown says:

    Creating a budget and actually applying it to my life

  374. Selina Arvelo says:

    Don’t pay for Garbage disposal, just toss your trash in the large bins behind fast food restaurants. No one pays attention to that, especially if you do it at night.

  375. Anthony Gennings says:

    Switch from credit to debit.

    Apply for major specific scholarships.

    Try renting your college textbooks instead of buying them.

    Go to a state institution.

    Earn college credit in high school.

  376. Gabriela Irigoyen says:

    First trust in God and ask him to help you take advantage of all the opportunities, which would be scholarships, that you do not forget to apply for fafsa every year, and, if you can, get an on-campus job.

  377. Tatiyana Alvarez says:

    How Do YOU Make College Cheaper?!?!

    * Stick to your meal plan
    * Ask upperclassmen for old books/supplies
    * Ask people for clothes/supplies they don’t need
    * Unhealthy and cheap is the way to be!
    * Do commision work
    * Sell things you don’t need (be honest with yourself)
    * Do other people’s homework !!!DISCLAIMER!!! ONLY IF YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN AND DO IT WELL!
    * Write people’s notes for homework
    * Check in with family so they can give you money
    * Think cheap. Buy Cheap. Live Cheap
    * Minimised leisure shopping
    * Cook for yourself

  378. Yanaisa Lopez says:

    -hand wash clothes
    – walk to places (those nearby of course) to reduce gas expenses along with uber
    – not buying too much decor for the dorms
    – buying dinosaur nuggets to eat
    – taking advantage of free stuff the college offers

  379. Yanaisa Lopez says:

    Thrift shop!!

  380. Miguel gomez says:

    sell stuff, live on ramen noodles, and make a small business in the meantime

  381. Jocelyn says:

    sell all of your blood plasma.

  382. Lexey says:

    Anytime I come across spare change, I add them to my gatorade-bottle-piggy-bank and cash it in every time it fills up. I throw this straight into savings because I believe money like that is better out of sight out of mind, even just a few dollars here and there because it really can add up.

  383. Annalisa says:

    Ways to make college cheaper:
    1. If going to college locally, live with your parents! It cuts down the cost of dorm living or renting an apartment.
    2. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. The more you apply for, the better chance you have of winning. Every little bit counts!
    3. Keep a tight budget, be careful what you spend your money on. Don’t be frivolous!

  384. Katherine says:

    Ways to make college cheaper:
    Go to community college for an associate’s degree and transfer to a 4-year
    Live at home while going to community college
    Apply for scholarships (like this one)

  385. Addison says:

    Starting with the concept of contentment is a great way to be savvy with your spending. If you are content with what you have, you will not always be seeking the new, most trendy items.

  386. Addison says:

    Determine the difference between a need and a want. It is okay to splurge every once in a while, but without practicing delayed gratification and constantly purchasing everything you desire will cause your financial ruin.

  387. Addison says:

    When you would like to make a retail purchase, shop online and enjoy terrific savings. Be sure that you search for promo codes first, so that you can score some great discounts for the retail item you are shopping for.

  388. Addison says:

    Shop Thrift Store SALES. Thrift stores have great deals, however even deeper discounts are achieved by shopping their sales. My local thrift stores has tag sales every Monday and Wednesday where one color tag is marked down to $.99. Get on the mailing list or download the app for additional savings. I purchased my prom dress for $2.50 while thrifting and I have purchased all of my dorm essentials from thrift stores as well. If you were to walk through my family’s home you would be hard pressed to find anything besides groceries which were not purchased second hand.

  389. Addison says:

    Discount grocery stores, like Aldi, can keep more money in your wallet. Purchasing the produce that is in their weekly advertisement will help you save. Score a pound of pretzels to snack on while you study for only $.79. I regularly buy eggs at $.48 a dozen and often purchase milk for under $1/gallon. Shopping this way brings serious savings.

  390. Addison says:

    Check out the “we baked too much” section or the overstocked bread stores. With a shelf life, baked goods need to be moved. Supply and demand will dictate the value of these items. If an item does not sell quick enough store will discount these items and there is amazing savings to be had.

  391. Addison says:

    Prepare your own meals and limit dining out. It is fun to dine out with friends, but set your budget for the month and stick to it. The markup on food prepared at restaurants is astronomical. Save by limiting this indulgence. I literally carry my packed lunch with me daily in order to save.

  392. Addison says:

    Skip the Starbucks line. Even the cheapest item at Starbucks costs $2. Whereas I can buy a bag of hazelnut coffee for $3.79 and it’s tasty. I can make over 80 cups of coffee with this 12 ounce bag, amounting to less than $.05/cup. You don’t have to be a math major to figure this out. Brew it yourself and save!

  393. Addison says:

    Find the clearance section at each of the stores where you shop. No matter if you are shopping for clothing, shoes, or food, many stores have sections marked clearance that have items the store is wanting to move quickly. Sometimes the pricing is too good to pass up. I recently purchased a large amount of name brand crackers and granola bars for only ten cents per box. With the retail pricing marked at nearly three dollars each, these were some super savings.

  394. Addison says:

    Many stores offer loyalty cards which will offer you free items once you have reached a certain level of purchases. Punch cards are also utilized to track customer loyalty. Sometimes they will give a specific percentage off on your next purchase. Do not overlook this way to save.

  395. Addison says:

    Enjoy activities you’ve already paid for. Included in universities fees are activities associated with your recreation center. These range from kayak outings, to rock climbing, and movie nights. Take advantage of what you’ve already paid for.

  396. Addison says:

    Enjoy free activities. Go hiking. Take a bike ride. Enjoy a local park.

  397. Addison says:

    When making a purchase, inquire if the merchant offers a college students discounts. I scored a $30 concert ticket for just $10 because I inquired about discounts for college students.

  398. Addison says:

    Purchase used college textbooks or consider renting books you will not need in your career. I’ve purchased used books and once finished sold them for a profit. Your books don’t have to break the bank.

  399. Addison says:

    When giving a gift, consider handmade. It’s a real cost saver and personalizing it will make it more memorable.

  400. Addison says:

    “Do not charge anything on a credit card that you cannot pay off by the end of the month.” is the advice of my great-grandmother. The fees and interest on credit cards will eat your lunch, literally. A three dollar hamburger over the years could cost you hundreds. If you don’t have the money to pay for it, don’t put it on your credit card.

  401. Addison says:

    Keep your grades high to earn merit scholarships awards. This step alone can save you tens of thousands.

  402. Addison says:

    Be sure to seek out and apply for scholarships relentlessly. I have applied for at least 300 scholarships since October.

  403. Addison says:

    Take Dual Credit and AP courses while in high school. This has allowed me to shave one year off of my four year degree and saved me thousands of dollars.

  404. Addison says:

    With the money you have saved, select a worthy cause and bless others. Your donation can change lives. Having compassion really does make a difference!

    I am humbled and honored to be considered for the How Do YOU Make College Cheaper Scholarship. Should I be selected as your recipient, your generosity will be paid forward many times over.

    Thank you.

  405. Michael J Howard says:

    The way to make college Cheaper is to make it free. Student debt has plagued students for generations. They way we make it free is to raise taxes to give all students the ability to get the proper education and training. We should not fear graduation and the upcoming student loan, but to be excited for a new chapter and life and to became a significant factor in the world and the community.

  406. Obehi says:

    As a previous high school senior, I experienced a common problem shared by many other middle-class students. I maintained good grades throughout high school, had good standardized test scores, participated in clubs, sports, and community service, then got accepted into a dream college that I could not afford. The only financial aid I received was a 5,500 loan, not enough for a college with a sticker price of 30,000 a year. Private loans was not an option if I did not want to repay 120,000 dollars with added interest, and I planned on going to graduate school, which costs more tuition. As a result, I turned my back on my dream college and enrolled in a local community college. Taking this action saved me thousands of dollars and prevented a financial crisis in the future. The first two years of general education classes offered by every college for several thousand dollars is more affordable for me.
    Apart from tuition, purchases such as books and fees are costly. Buying textbooks and equipment from the school bookstore is typically overpriced. Instead of buying from the school’s bookstore, I can purchase books from a former student or on a website for a lower price. Also, I can sell old books to another student and get money back. Renting out previously used textbooks is a better idea because the purchaser will return the textbooks, allowing me to continuously rent them until they lose value or change edition. Another alternative is to find a PDF of a textbook online instead of buying the book. This method works well when the textbook is only for homework, and not for classroom use. Also, sharing textbooks and splitting the money will reduce half the price and work well when both users need the textbooks are different times.
    August is known as the infamous school supply shopping season when families spend up to a few hundred dollars for pencils, pens, crayons, glue sticks, and more. College students spend a large deal of money each year on expensive supplies for dorms and laptops. Fortunately, I have cheap stores that offer supplies for one dollar. In my area, I have stores called Dollar General and Five And Below that sells cheap school supplies. I try to avoid Walmart because the school supplies are overpriced, and often sell supplies in unnecessary bulk. College will never require a gallon of Elmer’s liquid glue. If I shop on a tax-free weekend and take advantage of student discounts, then I will save at least several dollars. The internet provides a great source of cheap school supplies. Craigslist is a popular website that sells cheaper items, though make sure that there are no scams and meet in a public place to retrieve the product to stay safe.
    Clothes shopping are only expensive if you go to expensive stores. My mother taught me that buying clothes from brand stores such as Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret cost an arm and a leg and is not worth the money. Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and other thrift stores sell clothes at a cheaper price. Sometimes, people with higher income purchase new clothes and immediately donate them, offering expensive clothes for less money. In addition, Goodwill offers discounts for clothes that have a colored blue colored tag on certain days. Buying clothes out of season also reduces the price. This means I will save money if I purchase a jacket in summer, and buy beach clothes in winter.
    After I graduate from community college, I will go to Pharmacy school to earn my Doctorate of Pharmacy. Pharmacy schools and jobs usually recommend pharmacy experience before starting, which is why I want to work part-time as a Pharmacy Technician. While I learn how to work in the pharmacy, I can use the income to help pay for tuition or save the money for pharmacy school tuition. When I am not working in the pharmacy or at school, I can tutor elementary, middle, and high school students in math and science. Tutoring students will solidify my knowledge of math and science. This will increase my chances of admission at pharmacy school because math and science are strongly needed.
    I am staying in college for the next several years, though I will not stay at home forever. When I move into an apartment, I need to make a budget and shop more frugally because I will no longer financially dependent on my parents. Living with a roommate will split my rent and utility bills in half. Also, Carpooling with roommates is beneficial because it reduces gas payments. This is more convenient if I am enrolled in the same school as my roommate. Using coupons and buying food on sale will reduce the amount of money spent on food. Cooking at home is cheaper and healthier than eating out every day. Saving two dollars a day is equal to 730 dollars a year. This money can go towards an emergency fund, in case money is tight or there is an unexpected large payment needed.
    College is one of the most expensive investments one can make. The decisions I make during this time can make or break my future, or my future children’s future. A ton of college debt can prevent me from buying a house or car. Failure to pay for college loans will reduce my credit score and subject my wages and property to garnishment, repossesment, and foreclosure. If I can’t pay my way through college or at least pay my student loans later, then it is unlikely that I will save enough college money for children. College is where students discover what they are interested in and want they to become, though it has financial limits. Choosing single-room dorms, going to the movies every night, and using credit cards for every payment is a temporary paradise. After four years of college is when real life starts and all the unnecessary luxuries must be paid back. That is why it is important to save as much money as possible while in college.

  407. Karlee Spartz says:

    Be a manager at Burger King, free food for days.

  408. reuse high-school supplies

  409. don’t spend money out for fun

  410. order your books online

  411. handwash your clothes

  412. wait for movies to come out on FX

  413. don’t blow money on video games

  414. ride a bike instead of a car

  415. Alicia Yang says:

    You can make college cheaper by applying to FAFSA and TAP early on so you will receive more money, doing well in high school and college because colleges give merit-based scholarships, join a honors program/society because they are given more support, get a job and keep applying for scholarships! If worse comes to worse, try the excelsior scholarship that NYS is giving.

  416. Jonathan Rixstine says:

    Live with family or friends instead of having to rent or bay for room and board.

  417. Shannon Canitz says:

    Sell yourself (your blood and plasma that is).

  418. Shannon Canitz says:

    Eat in, not out.

  419. Shannon Canitz says:

    Do NOT buy textbooks through your university. They are always overpriced and hard to sell back.

  420. Shannon Canitz says:

    Don’t be afraid to ask department and professors for open positions like teacher aids and research assistantships. Often these are not listed.

  421. Shannon Canitz says:

    Live and work on campus. You don’t need a car; you can get by walking, with a bike, or riding the bus.

  422. Shannon Canitz says:

    Get free bus passes at your University Center.

  423. Shannon Canitz says:

    Visit the local food bank. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for a little help. Sometimes the university has its own foodbank.

  424. Shannon Canitz says:

    Don’t drink or do drugs. These are very expensive (not to mention harmful) habits to maintain. They will also lower your academic achievement which will hurt you financially in the long run.

  425. Shannon Canitz says:

    Never buy staples like sugar, salt, pepper, honey, etc. Go and grab a bunch from the cafeteria or stock up once a semester while eating at a fast food restaurant. Do the same with napkins and straws.

  426. Shannon Canitz says:

    If you pay for heat, dress warm instead of turning up the thermostat.

  427. Shannon Canitz says:

    Find out how university meal plans work. If you can take food from your cafeteria, you will never have to pay for fruits or vegetables or cereal (etc.) again. Just take them in your own container after each meal.

  428. Shannon Canitz says:

    At the end of the semester, go dumpster-diving. Many college kids throw away perfectly good stuff because it is cheaper for them to buy new stuff each year than to haul it home (especially if they fly home).

  429. Shannon Canitz says:

    Buy one Netflix account among a group of friends and share the cost.

  430. Shannon Canitz says:

    Rent free movies and books from the university library instead of going out to movies or buying books.

  431. Shannon Canitz says:

    When traveling home for the holidays, rideshare or tag along with other students headed in the same direction. If you share the price of gas, it will be cheaper for both parties. And the more people, the cheaper it gets.

  432. Shannon Canitz says:

    Get free t-shirts from campus events and never have to buy pajama tops again.

  433. Shannon Canitz says:

    Work at a fast food joint near campus, and you will likely get free food.

  434. Shannon Canitz says:

    Complete an internship for academic credit, even if not offered through your major (just ask). If you do well and are qualified, this will often lead to a job offer.

  435. Shannon Canitz says:

    Buy food in bulk.

  436. Shannon Canitz says:

    Working through the school allows you to work more hours and accommodates your class schedule.

  437. Shannon Canitz says:

    Bring a water bottle everywhere and fill it up at water fountains around campus. NEVER pay for water.

  438. Shannon Canitz says:

    Before school starts, figure out what electronics and appliances your room/apartment will have. Then, if you have roommates/suitemates etc., coordinate what you each will bring, to save money and avoid duplicates.

  439. Shannon Canitz says:

    Apply for any and all scholarships you can find.

  440. Shannon Canitz says:

    Find and use coupons.

  441. Shannon Canitz says:

    Sign up for a rewards program through an affordable and nearby grocery store. You will rack up coupons in no time.

  442. Shannon Canitz says:

    Ask departments about any unlisted scholarships.

  443. Shannon Canitz says:

    Reuse folders and binders each semester. Use tape when necessary.

  444. Shannon Canitz says:

    Stay single around major holidays. Less gifts to buy!

  445. Shannon Canitz says:

    Join honor societies to have more scholarships available to you.

  446. Shannon Canitz says:

    Go to free school events, especially when free food is offered.

  447. Mackenzie Woods says:

    Look for PDF files/online versions of the textbooks you need. If you can’t find it then pitch in with a friend who has the same class as you and share it.

  448. Mackenzie Woods says:

    If the water is clean at your college (which it should be), drink tap water. If you want bottled water, get a reusable travel cup. It’s much easier than carrying a case of water up every once and a while and letting forgotten water bottles lay around your room. Travel cups may be more expensive at times, but you only need one. One slightly more expensive payment is better than several cheaper payments in the long run. A hydro flask is a pleasant example as it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.

  449. Mackenzie Woods says:

    Get a reusable travel cup. Travel cups may be more expensive at times, but you only need one. One slightly more expensive payment is better than several cheaper payments in the long run.

  450. jahdai says:

    Spending money on food? More like a good ol’ bowl of ice cubes and fresh water!

  451. Alesandra says:

    The first thing is to apply to scholorships and the next is th get a job. But those are the basics. Why not be interesting?
    1. You can eat ramen for the rest of your college carrer. I’m sure there are no health concerns.
    2. Create a GoFundMe. They seem to work.
    3. Be the cheapest person that had ever lived. WATER IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!

    But in all seriousness, think smart about your budget, save some money each time you get a pay check and ya, apply for scholorships and apply for a job near or at your campus. Also you order second hand books, they’re less exspensive.

  452. Truc Phan says:

    – Textbooks should be available through PDF files and shared among the class to reduce the cost of textbooks.
    – The amount of GE classes should be reduced, instead students should only focus on GE classes that actually accompany their major.
    – The cafeteria should provide free food for students on campus.
    – Students themselves should also practice personal savings and using their money smartly. For instance, they should learn to buy fresh food and cook more than eating out.

  453. Bobbiann Moore says:

    To make college cheaper never pay full price for books(always look for free pdfs), become an RA, save food from your meal plan to snack on, get a work-study job, take advantage of student discounts, skip the overpriced coffee shops, and always order water when eating out. It’s also important to apply to as many grants and scholarships as possible to minimize your education cost in the first place.Most importantly make a budget and stick to it!

  454. Madyson Hemond says:

    Carpooling is a good way to save money in college and it is better for the environment.

  455. Kaylon Murphy says:

    Over the years I’ve learned that in order to save money for anything, especially college, it is imperative to cut out unnecessary expenses. An example of this would be avoiding buying fast food or takeout. I’ve learned this method from my cousin and his husband. They both paid for their wedding, reception, and family members’ hotel rooms by bringing their lunches from home to work instead buying fast food. If a college student were to follow this method by following the campus meal plan or keeping groceries in their dorm room, just imagine how much money they would save.

  456. Samantha Wilemon says:

    Two ways to make college cheaper are to first, work for accommodation. A second way, if possible, is to live at home to avoid college living expenses.

  457. Kaniijha Tucker says:

    Ways to make college cheaper are applying to lots of scholarships. You never want to start college struggling to pay for everything, so scholarships would be a good way to make college cheaper. You can also fill out a FAFSA every year to make paying for college a lot easier than straight out of your pockets. Not eating at the dining hall all the time would also help. You can save a lot of money that way. There are also jobs at the college you can get. Going home to do laundry can help you as well, you don’t have to pay for that.

  458. EPL says:

    Making a group chat on WhatsApp where students can share digital books they already bought, so at some point, anybody would have to buy a new textbook.

  459. Alex says:

    Nothing new I’ve been eating Ramen for the past 12 years!!!

  460. Alex says:

    If you’re 18 while in college maybe will be best for you to get a job at MC’Donalds, so that your FAFSA application would look even worse. P.S. Sounded better in my head =)

  461. Alex says:

    Buy the books off of a website, the school most likely didn’t write the book themselves and are just trying to make profit off of us. Once you purchase the book rent it out to the students under you that’ll need it, or just buy the book where you originally bought it from and sell it just a little less than what the school is bargaining for. EASY PROFIT RIGHT THERE!!!

  462. There are multiple ways to make college cheaper. The 3 most effective ways to save money are to look at what each college has to offer. For the general classes, the person could go to a community college and save money. While attending, you can also have a part-time job. Once the person finishes their general classes, they could transfer to a cheaper college that offers them more money than other universities. Instead of paying for meals and boarding, a person can just pay for an apartment since its cheaper and will reduce the tuition. A person can also apply for work-study and the money can be transferred into the tuition or paid in cash for any other school expenses. Trying to make college cheaper is always planning and calculating how much a person will pay at the end of the year.

  463. Elisabella Gamallo Carmona says:

    The best way to make college cheaper is to continue to live with your parents at home.
    You can cooperate with the Internet and your cell phone bill but at least you don’t have to pay rent
    Commute to college and move closer to save money on transportation.
    Apply for scholarships with will help you fund your education
    Don’t buy things such as new clothes that you don’t need
    Buy used books on Ebay if they request it for the course. Never new books unless the book for the course isn’t available.
    Take summer and winter classes at community colleges because they are way cheaper.
    Apply for FAFSA
    Try to avoid eating out but if you do, don’t ask for soda because it’s like $4. Ask for a free cup of water
    Sell old things you don’t want in Offer up

  464. Elisabella Gamallo Carmona says:

    Don’t abuse your credit car limit
    Have a part time job

  465. Elisabella Gamallo Carmona says:

    Again, avoid costs and paying rent for as long as possible.
    I am going to be attending California State University Fullerton and I am so glad my family and me could find a house 5 minutes away from the school!!
    Less driving reduces time and stress which will allow you to spend less time on the road which means less food that you will have to buy at fast food places because you can wait enough time to get home.

  466. Isabelle Higgins says:

    No need for shopping, I build everything myself with spare parts and materials.

  467. Valerie says:

    -Start saving money in middle and high school
    -Apply for LOTS of scholarships (especially the essay ones!)
    -Read lots of books on how to live without a salary, and then do what it says!
    -Find the little ways to cut back on how much you spend
    -Shop at Costco and second-hand stores
    -Live at home if possible, at least for a little while
    -If you have to move out, live close enough to campus to walk or bike
    -Learn how to cook!!! It will save you so much money, and is healthier than fast food (and you can freeze leftovers!)
    -Get a job, or find a way to make some income, even if it is little odd jobs on the side, like mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, or babysitting.

  468. Marcella says:

    I’ve been building up my savings account since high school. I’ve got three jobs and I still live at home to save on rent and food costs.

  469. Sarah Norman says:

    Write a budget and stick to it! It’ll help you plan ahead and make sure you have enough money to cover textbook and tuition costs!

  470. Sarah Norman says:

    Get a part time job and do classes part time. This will help you to balance and manage your time more effectively, and will allow you to keep up with costs better.

  471. Sarah Norman says:

    Apply for scholarships!

  472. Sarah Norman says:

    Library card is free and will give you access to tons of resources and materials. Free printing, internet, and research materials!

  473. Sarah Norman says:

    Put as much as you can into savings ahead of time. I’ve been saving up since high school and still live at home to cut down on rent/groceries costs. (I do still pay rent/buy some of my groceries, but it’s much cheaper than a dorm.)

  474. Sarah Norman says:

    Make coffee at home. It’s cheaper than coffee shops and Starbucks, since we all know you’ll need that caffeine!

  475. ADRIENNE STAGE says:

    Do not eat out!

  476. Kolton Larsen says:

    Creating a budget that looks at your spending habits and your estimated incomes and expenses for the entire year is super helpful. It allows you to see areas of your life that you are spending too much money and it allows you to be creative in finding ways to reduce expenses. For example, I decided to hand wash my car instead of using car washes to save $400 over the course of the year. After creating a budget and a plan, it’s important to follow through with it and not go over the allotted amounts you have given yourself to spend on the different aspects of your life.

  477. Mor Lee says:

    Don’t have expensive taste

  478. Niah Porcher says:

    Create a budget for extra expenses

  479. Niah says:

    Buy books from Amazon, instead of at your bookstore

  480. michelle li says:

    apply for all the scholarship you can find

  481. michelle li says:

    buy grocery to make your own food instead of eating out

  482. michelle li says:

    shop for things in bulk and sell them to others in an individual pack for a higher price

  483. michelle li says:

    only shop at the clearance idle and buy the item when they are in sale

  484. michelle li says:

    ask the people that took the class before to lend you their book, so you don’t have to buy it yourself

  485. michelle li says:

    have a set of clothes design for each day and wear the same clothes each week so you don’t need to worry about clothes and don’t have to buy new clothes

  486. Annie Huang says:

    Fill out fafsa early every year to maximize award money!

  487. Annie Huang says:

    apply for scholarships

  488. Annie Huang says:

    Get a job

  489. Annie Huang says:

    I plan on making college cheaper by keeping my GPA up so I can continue applying to merit scholarships and keep recurring scholarships

  490. Elizabeth Kruggel says:

    Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, Oorah!

  491. Angelica Garcia says:

    – Apply to a lot of scholarships
    – Apply for FAFSA (financial aid) every year
    – Use Dual Enrollment Courses, which helps gain more college credits for free
    – Plan to graduate within four years
    – Go to an In-State school
    – Strategically apply to college
    – Join an ROTC program
    – Use federal loans
    – Rent or buy the used or digital book (most preferable look for PDF versions)
    – Take advantage of student discounts
    – Spending to the minimum
    – Part-time job is there is time for it
    – If possible, live at home, eat at home
    -Public transportation, travel on bike

    All of these things have either been done by me, I have considered or I will be planning to do so ? Hope this helps anyone

  492. Kylan Espinoza says:

    My husband and I crush and save our soda cans so we can sell them back to the recycling plant!

  493. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Apply for scholarships!

  494. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Save our soda cans to sell to the recycle plant!

  495. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Apply for FAFSA every year

  496. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Make dinner instead of eat out

  497. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Ride my bike instead of drive to save on gas

  498. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Always ask if there is a student discount

  499. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Get a job or a paid internship

  500. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Lots of top ramen, rice, pasta

  501. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Visit my parents 1-2 times a week and raid their pantry

  502. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Buy almost all of my clothes at Goodwill

  503. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Babysit for friends and neighbors to get some extra cash

  504. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Invite friends over to play games instead of going out

  505. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Let’s just say our apartment doesn’t have a lot of decorations..

  506. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Take advantage of coupons and sales

  507. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Look to other websites to buy books instead of exclusively buying from the bookstore

  508. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Sell last semester’s books to friends/classmates

  509. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Sell my old clothes on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace

  510. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Drive safe so my insurance doesn’t increase

  511. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Reuse folders and binders each semester

  512. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Keep all the blinds/curtains closed so the house doesn’t heat up and I have to pay more for A/C

  513. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Save up with a full-time summer job

  514. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Keep my GPA up so I am eligible for merit scholarships

  515. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Do trade out! I watch my sister’s kids and she grooms my dog. We both save money!

  516. Kylan Espinoza says:

    My husband got a second job since I can’t work full-time during school

  517. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Our neighbors let us pick from their citrus/fruit trees. No need to buy lemons, oranges, or peaches

  518. Kylan Espinoza says:

    We got our couches for free from a family member

  519. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Get married. You may need to put in a little money up front but you get so much more back in gifts!

  520. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Join a club! You often get free merch and food

  521. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Research the best loan options. Don’t just accept what the school offers you

  522. Kylan Espinoza says:

    We have an herb garden so we don’t spend much on fresh herbs

  523. Kylan Espinoza says:


  524. Kylan Espinoza says:

    Save all of my stimulus money to use towards school expenses.


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