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Rick Perry And The $10,000 Bachelor Degree

For those that don’t know, Rick Perry currently serves as the governor of Texas and is throwing his hat into the ring as a presidential candidate. Earlier this year, Governor Perry became very vocal about the rising cost of education and made it his mission to encourage colleges and universities to start adopting new processes and procedures to help reduce education expenses for students.

Perry has established a budgetary/fiscal benchmark (challenge) for colleges and universities stating that there is no reason a bachelor’s degree should cost more than $10,000 (books included). He states that with the use of online courses and other technologically enhanced teaching techniques, cutting the cost of college for students should be easily achieved. Perry also suggests that students can help by taking post-secondary courses during their high school years so that they have some college credits under their belt by the time they hit campus.

As most of you know, I love infographics. They are extremely informative and pleasant on the eyes all at the same time. Even though I am doubting a little on the viability of Perry’s proposal, the following infographic provides some statistical data about college costs that will allow you to make your own conclusion on whether you think Governor Perry’s $10,000 bachelor’s degree is achievable. (Click on the picture to see a larger view)

Via: Online College Resource

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