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Ramen Noodles – Feeding College Students Nationwide

When it comes to convenience and cost cutting approaches to eating on campus, Ramen noodles are a student’s best friend. They are cheap and they do a great job of filling the bellies of hungry college students across the nation. As a matter of fact, one of the top responses that I have received related to CheapScholar’s “How Do YOU Make College Cheaper” challenge has been Ramen noodles.

The good people at HackCollege have provided the following infographic that highlights some of the more not so well known factoids related to Ramen noodles. Enjoy and please be sure to pass along to your fellow college students.

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One Response to “Ramen Noodles – Feeding College Students Nationwide”

  1. Serita Donado says:

    I hate being poor. I really do. I can’t get anything i want for me cuz i have to save any money i get for college a car insurance gas.