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4 Easy and Quick Ways to Make Money in College

The following is a guest article provided by Angelita Williams

Many personal finance sites targeted to college students will purvey endless, though no less sound, advice on saving money. At some point, however, there’s only so much money you can save. Sometimes you need to actually make money. Now you may be thinking, I hardly have enough time to study, much less to go out there and make money. Well, think again. With a little ingenuity, you can make a few extra bucks here and there to make ends meet. Here are a few ideas that helped me when I was in college.

1. Be a test subject in on- or off-campus medical/psychological studies.

This is one of the easiest ways, bar none, to make substantial amounts of money quickly. If you are attending a university with a medical school, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to participate as a test subject. I know it sounds sort of scary to be a guinea pig, but most of the time these studies involve surveys, taking games, or spending some time in an fMRI machine. And almost all of these studies compensate handsomely. Check your local or college newspaper—they’re usually listed in the back along with the classifieds.

2. Tutor high school or fellow college students.

Tutoring local students, whether in college or in high school, is another fantastic way of making money while not exerting a ton of effort. The best part about tutoring is that, when you tutor a subject, you’ll in turn learn that much more about the subject you are teaching yourself. Another great aspect of tutoring is that it commands top dollar, especially among high school students for subjects like SAT test prep. You can often ask for $20 an hour or more, depending on where you live.

3. Sell all that extra stuff you don’t need lying around in your dorm room on Craigslist.

Most college students are pack rats in one way or another, and it’s highly likely that you brought or bought a lot of stuff from home that you’ve found does not have any use in your tiny dorm room. Try decluttering and simplifying by selling items on sites like eBay and Craigslist. If you aren’t that attached to textbooks from last year or last semester, consider getting rid of them on Amazon and other similar sites. You can also offer items for sale to others living in your dorm or school, which avoids the hassle of shipping. This idea won’t necessarily make you a ton of money, but it’ll bring a bit of extra cash when it’s most needed.

4. Look into on-campus, part-time jobs.

If all else fails, getting an actual job may just do the trick. Of course, getting a part-time job off-campus can be tricky and time consuming, especially if it’s in the service industry. On the other hand, most universities offer plenty of job opportunities for students who are eager to work. The best part about on-campus jobs is that they are incredibly flexible. You often can get away with working twelve hours or less a week—just enough time to not interfere with your studying or social schedule, but enough time to make some extra cash.

Of course, the main object of attending a university is to learn and to develop personally, not to make money. But college students the world over know that it can be difficult to make do with what our loans or our families have provided us. Sometimes we just need a bit more to make it through the month. Hopefully these ideas will help others as much as they helped me. Good luck!

Today’s guest article is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on topics associated with online courses. You can reach Angelita with comments via email at

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