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4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer Job in College

There are a variety of summer jobs that college students take on to help pay for their education. You can work as a camp counselor or an intern at a law firm. No matter what job you choose to do you can come out of the experience gaining more than just a few bucks to help cover the cost of your summer tuition.  If you are going to work hard over the summer, you will want to make the most of the situation.

Set an Earnings Goal

The goal for most summer jobs is to earn money to cover the expenses during the school year, but if you do not set up a solid earnings goal, it is easy to squander the money you make over the summer. If you know how much you need to make during the summer, you can spend the extra money you make without worrying or feeling guilty. Decide how much money you need to save to cover your expenses over the school year. For example, you may want to cover all of your tuition and books for both semesters over the summer. Simply divide that number by the number of weeks you are working over the summer. Once you put that amount in the bank, you can use the rest to pay for new clothes or new video games. It will make budgeting for the rest of the year much easier.

Build Your Network

Each job is a chance for you to gain references and to build your connections. If you are working with a variety of other college students such as at a camp, you are widening your social network. The people you are working for and the people you are working with are all people you should include in your network when it comes to finding a job. Although you may be tempted to blow off some of your shifts or show up late, take this job seriously and you will build good contacts when it is time to graduate. You may also be able to qualify for scholarships and tuition reimbursement through your summer job. It may also turn into a possible part-time job through the school year, even through telecommuting.

Apply Your Work to Your Major

Not every summer job is going to directly relate to the career field and the major you are in. However, you can look for ways to apply the things you are learning in school to your job. Additionally you can look for ways to take what you learn at work over the summer and use those experiences to write up your papers or pull your examples from. You can take your public relations skills and apply them to a summer marketing campaign for the small business you are working at.

Think About Location

If you are interested in living in a specific city after graduation you may want to use your summer job as a chance to check out the city or state to make sure it is a good fit. It will also help you to build a network of contacts in the city you are interested in. Another option is to choose a job where you are going to college. This can turn into a solid job over the school year, which can also turn into a better position once you graduate.

Today’s guest article comes from Audrey Porterman. She is the main researcher and writer for Her most recent accomplishment includes graduating from Ohio State, with a degree in business management. Her current focus for the site involves a doctorate in education and doctoral degrees online.

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