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Learning To Cut Hair Can Make College Cheaper!

I receive a large number of responses from students entering CheapScholar’s How Do YOU Make College Cheaper? Scholarship Giveaway.  Some students tweet their answers, others post them on Facebook, and many more send me their strategies to making college cheaper via email.

In an effort to to share their wisdom with others, I am starting a new series on called 1001 Ways To Make College Cheaper. Each week I will compile entries received from readers and post them here on

The following represent some of the responses I have received. Enjoy and share with others!

(B. Tinlin)

Many universities today try to sell their students expensive meal plans as a convenient and fast dining option on campus. While these can be fairly useful, they can cost as much as two thousand dollars per semester! The solution: electric griddles! The electric griddle is inexpensive, extremely portable, and easily stored, making it perfect for a college student in a small dorm. Just about anything can be cooked on a griddle, from burgers to eggs and bacon – they can even be used to boil water by placing a pot on top of the cooking surface! The griddle is an extremely versatile tool that allows the college student to eat well without purchasing expensive meal plans, thereby making college cheaper.

(M. Molina)

Live at mom and dad’s, stay on family plan cell phone, chip in on groceries, help out around the house and earn the free rent ! Use your older siblings textbooks, and or xerox pages from a friends textbook by chapter 😀 shop for clothes at upscale resale shops! Don’t go out to eat instead put that money toward groceries, instead of wasting $15 on one meal! Always fill up gas tank at the half way mark, you get better gas mileage ! That is all. Woot Woot!

(K. Flowers)

You make college cheaper by doing volunteer work for your community while in high school because a lot of community organizations give away scholarships.

(S. Borges)

You make college cheaper by staying home and attending a community college. This way you will not have to pay for housing, a meal plan, laundry or any other expense that may come up. Also, community colleges are overall cheaper and a specific specialty can be acquired in about two years, which means less time in school, which leads to less college expenses.

(H. Sulahria)

Find alternatives in selling your textbooks back. Most times, you will find that the alternatives usually pay more than the university bookstore.

My school, UNLV has a big issue with school parking…there is NEVER enough! My idea would be to carpool regularly with your friends. This would allow you to switch up drivers, save gas money, and make more parking spots available

(M. Weinste)

Apply for scholarships, it’s that simple!

(C. Parks)

A great way to make college cheaper is to bargain, bargain, bargain! When there’re items you or your roommates need for yourselves or household, shop at Dollar General or other actual “dollar” stores.

(A. Grover)

1) Buy textbooks used, RESELL THE BOOKS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER! buy them from, they are generally cheaper than the bookstores. 2) Apply for financial aid and scholarships, these will help in so many ways. 3) If living on campus remember, the school meal areas may look nice, but Ramen is much cheaper.

(R. Fairchild)

Want to make college cheaper? Learn to cut hair. A simple trim on campus is easy and convenient for students/customers!

(B. Mahaney)

Room and Board?? nahh just give me a tent and a parking space… welcome home!

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