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Looking For A Grad School? Check Out This Resource!

Over the course of time, a Bachelor’s degree has become a fairly common staple among students entering into the work force. Having a degree used to guarantee you a good job along with a comparable salary. Unfortunately, as competition gets tough in the job market and more and more students are donning their undergraduate degrees, it is necessary for those that are ambitious about their careers to distinguish themselves by furthering their education and obtaining a graduate degree.

Finding a graduate program that will satisfy your educational goals can be quite a task. Not only do you want it to be the best fit from an academic perspective, you want it to be at just the right cost and hopefully accessible from a demographic standpoint.

So, in an effort to help you locate the best graduate program, I would like to introduce to you a great new resource called This site is packed full of features that are guaranteed to help you in your search to obtaining a graduate degree. The following represents a few of the more standout tools available.

Browse By Program

Already know which field of study in which you want to continue your education? GP has got you covered by offering a sort tool that allows you to narrow down various schools based upon the type of program that you are interested in. The options are quite inclusive and range from Engineering to Liberal Arts & Humanities. Click here if you would like to browse various graduate programs by area of study.

Browse By Location

Sometimes the perfect graduate program can be found in your backyard. Other times it may require that you move to a different part of the country. Location plays a big role in obtaining your graduate degree, so it is important for you to be able to pin point the location of the various programs offered nearby where you live or maybe where you think you will want to live. GP takes the guesswork out of determining location by allowing you to browse graduate degree programs by state.

Peer Reviews

The quality and experience of a graduate program can vary. Colleges and Universities are very savvy when it comes to marketing their programs, so it is hard to tell how much you will enjoy (or dislike) a program based upon marketing materials. That is when student reviews and ratings come in handy. Fortunately for you, provides a forum in which students can share reviews and feedback about their graduate degree seeking experience.

Resources not only helps you find the best graduate program, they also provide you with a plethora of resources to help you acclimate to your new life as a graduate student.  Here are a couple examples of the many informative articles available on GP: “How to Create the Best Living Situation in Graduate School” or “Networking While in Graduate School”.

Scholarship Opportunity

In an effort to help graduate students nationwide, GP has established a scholarship program that awards $1000 to one deserving student each quarter. In order to enter, all you have to do is leave a review about your current graduate program.

So, if you are looking to continue your education and graduate school is in your sights, I hope that you consider utilizing all the resources provided by – The Graduate Program Guide for students, created by students.

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