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The Business Side Of Higher Education (infographic)

Colleges and Universities provide a lot of “warm and fuzzy” moments and opportunities for their students, alumni, families, and friends. College is about those memorable moments just as much as it is about academics.  However, at the end of the day, the back room operations (often not seen by the general public) dictate that a college make decisions and establish processes that ensure it’s existence for decades to come. As much as we would like to think a college or university is different from any other type of business, it really isn’t. They have the same revenue and expense challenges/successes that you find in corporate America and they must maintain a solid balance sheet on their financial statements.

I recently came across the following infographic that helps to decipher some of those “back room” operations that you would find on a typical college campus. I hope you find the information enlightening. Also, keep in mind that as business-like as your college may be in their operations, the “warm fuzzy” moments are still a priority! 😉

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