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Cheap Housing Tips For Students Studying Abroad

Whether it’s across the Pacific, smack dab in central Europe, in the heart of Africa or along Australia’s Gold Coast, record numbers of cost-conscious college students annually study abroad, finding the experience even more rewarding thanks to these budget-friendly housing tips.

1. Partner with a university-sponsored program.

For a majority of students, university-sponsored programs offer reasonable and affordable dormitory-style housing in their location of choice. By living and engaging daily with fellow college students, language barriers quickly fade, and common interests quickly develop thanks to similar coursework and activities. Learning local peers’ perspectives on college life is also often a plus to this arrangement. For more on pricing and programs available, students should connect with their respective institution’s study abroad office.

2. Seek out businesses that cater specifically to student housing needs.

Community-style housing options off-campus but close to all the action can provide another perspective on the culture and camaraderie of the chosen country. For example, student accommodations in Brisbane, Australia, are just a “door step to beautiful Parklands, art galleries, museums, West End’s vibrant nightlife…A truly ideal location for students, directly opposite South Bank train station and busway, and within easy reach of Brisbane’s universities.”

3. Consider a homestay.

For total immersion in the native language and nuances of everyday life in the selected country, staying with a host family (homestay) might be the perfect fit. Many students who have opted for this arrangement report feeling like an adoptive member of their host’s family.  Living in their homes, getting to know their immediate and extended families, talking around the dinner table about native traditions, or just listening to everyday experiences have turned strangers into lifelong friends, resulting in lasting relationships well after the student’s time abroad ends.

4. Rent a place.

Finding a place to stay while abroad has become even more innovative and fun thanks to companies such as Airbnb and CouchSurfing, both of which have been featured prominently in the media. Airbnb “connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 26,000 cities and 192 countries.” From villas to castles to a simple apartment, Airbnb might just provide the added oomph to any study-abroad experience. At the same time, CouchSurfiing encourages breaking out of the routines associated with traditional travel by connecting like-minded people with each other to experience another culture in an entirely new way. Visit their sites to learn all the possibilities for renting around the world.

5. Stay at a Youth Hostel

Sometimes experiencing the culture of a new country is best discovered with those wanting to do exactly the same, as is often the case with travelers staying at youth hostels. A budget-friendly alternative, hostels are typically less expensive and provide basic accommodations. Stay times are flexible as well. Students can check out and other web-based resources to find the right one for their personality.

So, whether you are planning to study abroad as part of your current academic program or you have a passion for going to college for graphic design overseas, I hope you find these cost saving tips helpful.

About the Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Karen Gerboth. She serves as the Director of University Communications at Wittenberg University where she enjoys covering a wide array of higher education topics.

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2 Responses to “Cheap Housing Tips For Students Studying Abroad”

  1. Amy says:

    Great tips for students studying abroad on a budget. It’s always easier to really see a country with an adventurous spirit, which most college students have these days!


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