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7 Ways to Reduce Your College Entertainment Budget

Saving money is vital in the modern world. By budgeting your money, you can find economic freedom and security. Reducing your expenditures is the primary aspect of creating a money-saving budget. Finding the best rate on loans, the cheapest rent and the most frugal deals on groceries are common money saving techniques. However, many people overlook the importance of reducing entertainment expenditures. Entertainment is highly valued and for good reason. It allows people an opportunity to relax, de-stress and enjoy life. It can also become a significant expense that is often overlooked. Reducing your entertainment budget can allow you to save money and put it towards more crucial expenses. Below you will find seven ways to reduce your entertainment budget, without having to neglect it altogether.

The Seven Ways

  1. Stream Home Entertainment Surprisingly, the cost of home entertainment can add up quickly. Between satellite subscriptions services, DVD rentals and on-demand shows, home entertainment may make up a sizable amount of your entertainment expenses. Immediately eliminate this expense by connecting your laptop to your HDTV and streaming free movies online. All you require is a HDMI cable to connect your HDTV to your laptop.
  2. Find Free EventsInstead of spending money on shows and movies, investigate local free events. Your town likely has a website that lists all of the free events being held in your area. Find this website and browse through listings for the upcoming month. Between shows in the park, museum openings and benefit concerts – you’ll never have to pay for a night on the town again.
  3. Have a Game NightTypically reserved for families, a game night is a great way to bond and spend time together. However, it’s not only for those with children. Invite some of your friends over for a chess tournament or have them each bring a game of choice. Prepare some snacks and enjoy a free evening of fun with those close to you.
  4. Invest in an HD AntennaIf you’re paying a monthly cable bill, yet rarely venture beyond local stations, consider purchasing an HD antenna. Depending on your area, you can receive 5-15 high-definition channels for free. Your only expense is the one time purchase of an HD antenna. Once connected, you’ll have free HD programming for life. While you will only get basic programing, you will eliminate a recurring bill.
  5. Ask for DiscountsYour internet and cable provider regularly runs special promotions. While these are usually reserved for new customers, they can often apply to renewals. If you aren’t planning on changing providers for a while, contact your internet service provider and ask if you qualify for any promotional discounts. You may be surprised how much you can save simply by asking.
  6. Explore NatureIt’s easy to think of movies, TV and internet when thinking about entertainment options. Instead, explore the natural areas around you. Instead of going out to see a movie, go out for a picnic in a park. If you have a lake or river nearby, grab some sun-screen and go for a swim. While you may have to pay for a parking permit, you will spend far less than a night at the movies.
  7. Rediscover ReadingOnce high school and college are over, many adults fall away from reading books. Next time you’re looking for a way to spend an evening, dust off your favorite old book and rediscover the written word. It’s completely free to curl up with a good book. Books are plentiful at thrift stores and garage sales; enhance your collection while spending a minimal amount of money. Also, spend an afternoon at a used bookstore and discover a lost masterpiece that will only cost, likely, a few dollars.

You Can Reduce Your Entertainment Expenses

Cutting back on your entertainment budget doesn’t have to mean you have less fun. By using the above suggestions, you can further explore your home town, deepen relationships with loved ones and save money – all at the same time. Now you can put your extra savings towards other bills (including your college tuition), into a savings account or into a Spring Break travel fund.

About the Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Jason Wilhelm. He is a contributing writer and budget specialist. He regularly revises his own budget to look for money saving opportunities. Jason one day hopes to release a publication aimed at helping people create ideal budgets that will provide economic freedom.

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  1. Margaret Hansel says:

    I’m not in college anymore but my budget isn’t the biggest or the best. This is appreciated!