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Part Time Jobs & Great Resume Builders For Students

Students may feel that good grades alone will help them secure the right job after graduation. In recent years, however, employers are looking for a multifaceted approach to career building. There are plenty of part-time jobs that can give fantastic experience opportunities that will make a resume stand out; however, many budding professionals will pass them up because they think either the pay is too low, the hours too inconvenient or the level of experience is inadequate. It can be a big mistake to overlook some of the great part-time opportunities that can actually help build your resume, diversify your experience and make you more attractive to employers. The following jobs are relatively easy to secure, offer flexible hours and help develop easily translatable job skills:

Retail and Hospitality

Retail and hospitality are often the go-to positions for part-time or temporary job seekers. Many people consider these jobs a necessary means to an end, but working in retail or in the restaurant or bar business can have an additional perk: it looks great on a resume. If you have ever been in a bar, restaurant or retail store during a busy time—Saturday evening or the day after Thanksgiving, for example—you may wonder how those employees keep their cool when their work space is exploding into chaos around them. Working retail and hospitality helps you develop the ability to work well under pressure, to multitask, and to think quickly on your feet. If the career you want requires you to deal with people or complete multiple assignments under a strict deadline, your retail job can develop the skills that can help you get ahead.


Some students have an area of expertise that they can use to help other students excel. Whether you’re great at math, music or foreign languages, tutoring can be a great way to earn extra cash while helping other students get better grades. You can tutor students of any age, grade, or skill level, and you can often set your own hours—an added job perk, since you can adjust your schedule when it comes time for midterms and finals. Tutoring is an ideal position for students who want to convey that they have a good grasp of a subject or skill to potential employers; so much so that they are able to simplify complex ideas for others. Students can look for tutoring jobs through campus newspapers, where parents in nearby neighborhoods often post listings seeking tutors for their children. On-campus tutoring centers are also an option, and usually hire students every quarter.

Work Study

Work-study positions are only available to students who qualify, and can only be offered at schools that participate in the Federal Work Study Program. For those students who do qualify, however, it can be great work experience with added benefits for the student. If your financial aid package includes work study, you can have financial aid applicable to your tuition, living expenses, and student loans, while building connections with professionals in your intended field. One of the goals of work study is that a job position be closely tied with your area of study, so it is a great way to gain relevant experience. Work study programs offer positions both on and off campus, and most off-campus positions are with non-profit or government programs. The added benefit of a work study position really lies with the student: these positions allow for a portion of your income to go towards financing your education, and offer flexible schedules so students can keep up with course work.

Tech Support/IT

With current college students being part of what is known as the “Internet generation,” it’s no surprise that more and more professors are using online lectures, podcasts and test-taking software. With so many professors relying on technology to lead lectures and administer assignments, it’s no surprise that when computers fail, there must be an immediate solution available. This is where tech support comes in. With minimal training, plenty of computer science majors or other tech-minded students can land a job in tech support. On-campus tech support is a great part-time job that can build your computer skills and help you to forge connections with professionals in your industry. Employers will value a candidate that has extensive experience solving technological issues, and computer science majors will benefit from hands-on experience with new technology.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work can come in many forms, whether it’s working a couple nights a week in a soup kitchen or overseeing a large non-profit organization. While it may seem that your unpaid volunteering is just a good deed, it also helps you build skills you can use in your career. Volunteering can help develop high-level organizational skills, people skills and an even temper. Many employers appreciate a potential employee who is concerned about her community. Volunteer work is an ideal opportunity for students whose class schedules leave little time available for a part-time job. Employers like to see that a prospective employee is always looking to gain experience—meaning your good deed may just pay out in the end. When you list your volunteer position on your resume, however, be wary of any employers that may be turned off by the organization. If your position is with a very religious a very political organization, it may not be a wise choice to include it in your resume.

While maintaining your course work is important, never underestimate the value of experience. Employers understand that with a recent economic downturn, current students and recent college graduates may not have a resume packed with relevant experience. These part-time positions will help develop basic skills—like customer service, computer skills and organizational skills—that can translate well to any resume. Be careful to parse your skill set and tailor your resume with those skills your future employer wants to see. While in college, part-time jobs can be more than just a source of extra cash; they can help you build your career in creative and interesting ways.

Today’s guest article is provided by Stacy Rost. She worked in several areas mentioned above during her college years. One of her most rewarding part time jobs was tutoring prospective computer technicians for their A+ Certification exams.

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