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A Student’s Guide on Blogging: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

The following guest article comes from Greg Narayan. As a preface, I think that blogging has a number of benefits beyond the financial aspect but I have witnessed some students become very successful with their blogs and earn a supplemental income to help get them through their college years...

There’s no denying it, people are making a living online today.

Not in the sense of the “mom who makes $5000/month” nonsense; no, people are actually developing powerful content through tools like WordPress to make a respectable full-time living.

If you’ve ever wondered “how do I blog for money” you’ll want to read this. Here are 10 helpful questions which should indicate if the blogging life is right for you. If you pass, go put your PJs on and brew a coffee, because trust me it’s a whole lot of fun.

1- Are you creative minded?

Do you work better under a boss or by yourself? Back in school, were you a group project player or more of an individualist? If you question authority and find your path is usually the best way to do things, then you’ll like blogging. It’s an outlet for your thoughts and your path to becoming a self-defined expert.

2- Are you tech-savvy?

Do you navigate Twitter with ease? Are you inclined to learn HTML and CSS? These skills are mandatory to go far in blogging. If you’d rather just sit back and let someone else do that stuff, you should certainly blog but maybe not seriously.

3- Can you write well?

Did you do well on that SAT writing test? Were essays your thing in college or did you HATE them? You’ll have to write a lot, on your blog and other peoples’, to get by as a professional blogger. You had been enjoy it and have some previous writing prowess under your belt.

4- Can you network?

Do you find meeting people easy, and more importantly enjoyable? Do you “get” others and understand what makes them tick? Meeting new bloggers and building lasting relationships with readers is super important to your online success. If you’d rather not do the people side of it, you can always code on WordPress’ open-source platforms and do just great.

5- Are you patient?

Do you crave immediate success, or can you get by with marginal gains? Starting up a blog is tedious, after you decide where to blog you’re left with an empty canvas and virtually no readers. Sure, the free tools out there will get you sailing and soon too, but you’ve got to savor every tiny new reader, Facebook Like, and email subscriber like it’s your last.

6- Are you overly busy?

Blogging requires daily work. If your day-to-day is too jam packed with jobs, studies, maybe even kids, you may find blogging too stressful. The fun must outweigh the stress.

7- Are you persistent?

How do you deal with rejection? Poorly? Do you pick yourself up right away and keep fighting? Rejection is a huge part of starting a blog, whether it’s from a potential client, from Google, or just from a spiteful commenter. You’ve got to find a way around it.

8- Are you an entrepreneur?

Have you had aspirations to start your own company and work for yourself? This is a big one. You should want, almost crave, that lifestyle of independence, and have the risk-loving persona to get there.

9- Do your friends blog?

An odd question, but if your friends already either blog or work in entrepreneurial endeavors it’ll make it a lot easier for you to get started. You’ll have people to encourage you and help you out with a friendly back-link or two.

10- Are you an expert?

The final question is one of those intangibles. Do you have some knowledge you really think the world could benefit from? You are unique, I’ll tell you that, but do you also want to teach? Whether its cooking, interior design, gardening, or gadgets, you should love a specific niche and be able to fill up a blog with your knowledge.

Conclusion: Write it down

I’d recommend you reread those 10 questions, then jot down your answers on a piece of scratch paper. Save that piece of paper – when you’re off and running with your blog you may want to refer back to it to see what you were thinking when you just started off.

So what do you think, is blogging for a living for you? Let me know by commenting right here.

About Today’s Author

Greg Narayan is the manager of two blogs, and He codes professionally on websites. You can find Greg on Google +.

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One Response to “A Student’s Guide on Blogging: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself”

  1. Amber says:

    Excellent tips! I’m working on a blog right now, and these really made me want to get more organized.