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30 Quick & Easy Approaches To Making College Cheaper

On, I thoroughly enjoy serving as a resource for families and students that are trying to navigate the financial aspect of their college experience. I cover a lot of topics (many related to Financial Aid & Paying For College Options) but one of the most important resources I like to share is how students are saving their hard-earned dollars and making college cheaper on their own campuses.

Lindsey Arrojo is currently a student at Pierpont College and she recently entered CheapScholar’s “How Do YOU Make College Cheaper?” Scholarship giveaway. She took the time to submit 30 quick and easy ways in which you can make college more affordable. In an effort to share her knowledge and experience, I am passing her wisdom onto you. Enjoy!

1. Submit the FAFSA each and every year

2. Apply for all possible scholarships

3. Apply for grants

4. Limit excessive spending

5. Eat ramen noodles

6. Wash clothes at school (it is free)

7. Buy or rent used books

8. Reuse school supply

9. While living on campus limit trips traveling back home

10. If commuter, carpool back and forth to school.

11. If commuter, use public transportation

12. Use coupons when shopping

13. Sign up for reward cards

14. Bring lunch to school

15. Unplug anything and everything that is electronic if you don’t need it.

16. Use your cell phone less to make the bill cheaper.

17. Find a local dentistry school and ask if they do dental work for free.

18. Stop buying water in bottles.

19. Stop going to the tanning booth.

20. Buy your clothes at thrift stores.

21. Buy the big bags of snacks, then put them in little plastic sandwich bags and take to school with you.

22. Sell your books.

23. Many local stores and businesses will give a discount to students with a student ID card.

24. Sell unwanted items on ebay.

25. Get a job off campus.

26. Work for your college or university.

27. Be a babysitter.

28. Don’t pay to park.

29. Sell your blood/plasma.

30. Make your own coffee.

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