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5 Reasons Why Starting a Business In College Makes Sense

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his Harvard dorm room and is now one of the wealthiest people on the planet. In fact, there is an extensive list of other massive corporations that were launched while their creators were in college— companies such as Google, Apple, Dell, Yahoo, Citadel, FedEx, and TIME magazine. Of course, starting a business in college does not guarantee riches, but there are a surprising amount of success stories every year, where current or recent college students have turned an idea into a profitable business. With that said, there are definitely a host of legitimate reasons why starting a business while in college makes sense.

Incredible Reservoir of Dirt Cheap Talent.

If you are launching a web-based business for example, college campuses are flush with the talent you’ll need. Think of all the students majoring in computer science, programming, software engineering, etc. Through a little networking, you can easily meet with these fellow students who have the technical skills you wish to utilize. Also, they may be interested in partnering with you and accepting equity instead of payment or making another type of arrangement—which won’t require large amounts of cash.

Privileged Access to Valuable Knowledge.

Every college campus offers access to experts in virtually every field, (otherwise known as professors). Often times, these professors have substantial experience in their field expertise. Each year, businesses spend millions of dollars on consultants in effort to optimize and execute business strategies. Developing relationships with and receiving advice from professors related to a business venture is an enviable pathway to free consultation with qualified experts.

Instant Marketing. Ignite Social Networks.

Most business these days try to take advantage of social media, attempting to reach current and potential customers through Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, the truth is, they are largely disconnected from an authentic, personal approach. Generic product posts and tweets don’t have much lasting influence power. On the contrary, when friends or like-minded peers endorse a product or service, the power of influence carries much more weight and travels further. Thus, by tapping into social networks of your own and your fellow undergraduates, it’s possible to quickly spread the word to tens of thousands of people.

Special Passport to Funding.

University students are often privy to a host of insider funding resources, made available only to enrolled students. A bouquet of special grant programs and scholarships are commonly accessible through university programs or connections within the businesses community. Additionally, many schools hold business plan competitions where local companies participate, providing access to more potential funding sources.

Resume Experience Unlike Any Other.

Maintaining a high G.P.A. and launching a business venture, all before receiving a college diploma, shows future employers that an individual is very driven, capable and hard-working. Basic internship experience is a dime a dozen among college students. However, the ability to produce an idea, architect a plan, launch a business and generate revenue will set a new college graduate apart from the norm.

Today, the modern business world is ultra-competitive and moves at the speed of light. Creating a business out of thin air while in college, is definitely a very challenging and consuming endeavor. However rest assured, whether the new entrepreneurial venture is great success, marginally profitable or a tremendous flop—much will be learned, character will be built, and invaluable experience will be gained.

About The Author:

Today’s guest article is provided by Justin Stephenson. He is a writer for, the largest college storage and shipping provider in America.

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