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Jobs in College: How to Balance Work and Study

workstudyStudy by itself can be very stressful, and when you add a job into the mix, your college life will need a good deal of balance and organization. Balancing study and work as a university student can be really challenging, but not impossible. When you succeed in striking that balance, you’ll discover that being a working student can be fun and enriching.

Finding work as a student is not just about getting money for your needs, it is also about gaining much needed work experience and discovering your hidden strengths. If you’re finding difficulties striking that balance between study and work, or you’re a college student considering taking up a job, then below are some tips to help you find that balance and avoid unnecessary stress.

Time Management

The job you accept as a student has everything to do with time management. It is advisable for college students not to look for jobs that require them to travel a lot. A job within the campus or within its vicinity will enable you to save travel time. It is best practice to secure a part time job in the university where one studies to avoid losing time and money on travel. You can find jobs around campus such as working in the library, which will be an opportunity for you to study and research while logging in time for work. Getting a job that is in line with your studies is advantageous, as you’ll find inspiration for your courses in your work. A good example would be applying for an assistant teaching position within the university. There could be no other way of enhancing your study skills than teaching your preferred subject.

Establish Your Priorities

You should be realistic when looking for a part time job as a college student, considering your strengths and weaknesses without losing sight of your priorities. Before you start applying for a job, it is absolutely necessary for you to make a list of your priorities, highlighting those things you think are most important to you. Do not be swept off your feet by the sheer prospect of getting a good job that you forget about your other responsibilities. If you are realistic and focused, then you’ll certainly make good decisions when it comes to the kind of jobs for which to apply.

Choose Courses Wisely

One important thing to do as a working student is to balance course difficulty. It will be very practical to offset difficult classes with those that demand less strenuous thinking. You’ll be able to keep headaches and stress away if you replace courses that deal with numbers with something like law or management. You should not bite off more than you can chew, which is why you’ll need to get enough free time for yourself and your family, or any important people in your life. Besides your studies and work, you’ll have your personal life to handle with its many problems as well. Taking one or two off-duty days per week will help you find time to relax, perhaps attend yoga classes or go to a wellness club.

It is also important that you make your limitations known to the people in your life, especially those who are flexible. Make sure to understand that you can’t handle everything, and you can’t satisfy everyone. If this thought is in your mind, then you’ll know how to take it easy on yourself when the pressure starts building around you. Succeeding as a working student will be very challenging, but if you’re mindful of your priorities, your limitations and how you manage your time, then you can create the harmony that can make work and study both exciting and interesting.

 About the Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Ryan Ayers. He is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to the field of education. This article offers tips on working while in college and aims to encourage further study with a master degree in education.

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  1. Brain says:

    Students often find it hard to manage time to study and work at a time. Managing time is the most critical issues for us. These tips are very helpful. Thanks!