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$5,000 Safe Driving Awareness Scholarship *free thumb socks!

thumbsocksWhen you text while driving at 55 mph, your eyes go off the road for the length of an entire football field. Tell your friends about the dangers of texting and driving to enter to win a $5,000 scholarship. After entering, will send you a free pair of “thumb socks” – a physical reminder to stop texting and driving. Send them a picture of you with your thumb socks and you’ll double your chance of winning the $5,000 scholarship. Go to to get started.

Scholarship Name: $5,000 Safe Driving Awareness Scholarship
Sponsor Name:, Toyota, Sprint
Scholarship URL:

Start date: May 29th

Deadline: August 2nd

Amount: $5,000

# of scholarships: 4

Questions and Answers:

Is texting and driving really that dangerous?

Totally. Here’s the stat that kills us: on average, texting while driving at 55mph takes your eyes off the road for the length of a football field!

Ah! That’s insane! What do I do?

Join Thumb Wars. Enter your email and phone number in the sign up box above. You can then sign up to receive thumb socks. Once you get them, share them with your friends and family to let them know how dangerous texting and driving can be.

How do I use the socks?

First step: pick a friend or family member who you know texts while driving. After that, you can tape the socks to their steering wheel, ask them to wear them while driving for a day, or hide them in the glove compartment. Be creative! Have fun with it! And if you take a picture of what you do and send it to us, you’ll be entered to win a scholarship.

Does everybody who signs up get socks?

Not necessarily. When you sign up above you’ll be directed to a page where you have to tell us who you will share the socks with and what you will do with them. If you don’t fill those fields out with something (and not just “i don’t know”) you won’t get them.

This is kinda silly.

Isn’t it great? And that’s totally the point. We’ve learned that scare tactics push people away from learning about an issue. Thumb Wars is a way to make it fun for those you care about to learn how to be a bit safer. Go crazy! Have fun!

Hey! I entered to get some socks! Where are they?

We start shipping the socks when the campaign begins, on May 29th. It can take up to 12 business days from when you sign up to get them in the mail. Remember, not everybody gets socks – you have to tell us who you’ll share them with and what you’ll do with them when you sign up.

I have more questions!

We have more answers! Email Sarah at with any other questions you have.

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2 Responses to “$5,000 Safe Driving Awareness Scholarship *free thumb socks!”

  1. Thomas says:

    Great idea and something worthy of sharing and doing. Too many people are texting and reading while driving. Wish we had more fun helpful scholarships like this back when I was a student.

  2. This is a great scholarship and so simple and helpful! I bus everywhere does that count as safe driving?