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4 of the Most Versatile Degrees to Use in the Real World

collegedegree1The natural path for most high school students is to attend college and graduate with a degree of their choosing. After graduation, students try to use their degree to land a job in the field they are interested in, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out. After all, with an increase in the number of people graduating college, the hiring process is full of competition for any given position.

A degree is still an extremely important thing to have, but for those starting college soon, it may be in their best interest to select a field that will bring diverse employment options such as Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, or Psychology.

Develop Financial Literacy in Accounting

Earning a degree in Accounting will bring many career options your way. Financial Analyst, Payroll Manager and Auditor are just some of the choices available to those with a degree in Accounting. In all positions, data is gathered, recorded and then, interpreted.

If an analytical position that deals directly with finances in some capacity sounds like something you’d be interested in, Accounting is the career to choose. On top of the typical jobs that one could get with an Accounting degree, CFO positions are available, as well as Comptroller and International Accountant.

Cultivate Managerial Experience in Business Administration

A Business Administration degree is as versatile as the color spectrum, and just as honorable, too. Employers have a high regard for business degrees since the skills learned in the courses can apply to any number of positions. It’s a broad-based degree with broad-based skills, firmly rooted in the management of a business, which can apply to an array of situations.

Obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Miami and your path can be paved for a career in Human Resources, as an entrepreneur, in sales and marketing, or even as an Investor. A bachelor of science in business administration degree ensures a solid future in countless business-related fields. Solid business practices learned in school will help when your career involves investing, networking, forecasting, management and/or budgets.

Establish Critical Thinking Skills in Computer Science

Computer Science careers have been popular and lucrative for the past several years. Future employment for one with this degree is continuously on the rise with jobs available such as Programmer, Designer, Software Engineer and Information Systems Specialist.

A Computer Science degree program will prepare you by providing hands-on experience in communicating with a computer and learning the language. Computer Science involves computation theory and design of practical systems that can later be used in your career.

Foster People Skills in Psychology

Psychology degrees are especially popular and for good reason. With this degree, a very wide range of career choices are open to the college graduate. Although those with psychology degrees who want to be in a higher-level career would probably have to attend graduate school, there are a plethora of entry-level positions available to those with a bachelor’s degree.

The diverse career options available to holders of this degree are proof that the skills learned in the courses for this major are as diverse as the career options themselves. These courses help students to learn how to assess situations, build relationships and interpersonal skills, and research and write.

Those with psychology degrees can hold jobs as a counselor, mental health worker, recruiter, or a range of administrative positions. Sales and Marketing are also popular careers paths for Psychology majors.

With the current state of the job market being what it is, it’s more important than ever to graduate with a degree that is versatile enough to offer a range of career options. Especially for those who aren’t completely sure what they want to do with the rest of their lives, following this path will offer many alternatives to choose from.

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