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Freeloading Your Way to Success In College

moneytreeEveryone loves getting things for free, and there are more freebies available to you than you know. Whether you want to fly for free, enjoy samples of your favorite products, or earn cash back when you spend money, you can soon start freeloading with the best of them. It may take a little research and some time spent signing up, but the efforts are worth the freebies.

Sign Up for Freebies

There are tens of thousands of freebie sites on the Internet. From Mom Blogs to company websites, you can find opportunities to get free products, free points redeemable for prizes, and many other fun freebies. What can you look forward to receiving? From most of these freebie sites, signing up will get you:

  • Coupons, discount codes, or gift cards for different items
  • Sample size products at no cost
  • Free samples of foods, drinks, and other products
  • And full-sized samples of medications, beauty products, and health items

In most cases it doesn’t cost anything to sign up with these sites. If you simply include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address, you’ll receive your freebies in just a few weeks. In other cases, you may have to share a tweet or a Facebook comment.

Discover Some Free Reward Points

If you’re really interested in freeloading your way to success, then try Internet banking opportunities. Doing this can actually lead to you receiving money for free, and cash is the best freebie of all. If you sign up to receive Discover Bank’s reward points, for instance, you can get beneficial features attached to your banking account in addition to receiving cash back on the purchases you make with your debit or credit cards. You’re essentially getting paid for buying things, which is a win/win situation.

Look into Reward Cards

Many of your favorite stores also offer reward programs. You know all those little cards attached to your key chain? They lead to tons of great freebies. If you have a reward card for your favorite drugstore or retailer, you can acquire points with each purchase; get enough points, and you can buy something for free. You might have to buy ten packs of diapers to get one free, for instance, or you may get to choose your own reward. Other programs take discounts off your purchases, so with the right coupons, you end up getting items for nothing.

Take Advantage of Frequent Flyer Programs

Flying is expensive, so of course you’ll want to fly for free. Once more, look to Internet banking if you’re freeloading your way to success. Several credit card companies and banks offer frequent flyer programs that work like cash back reward programs. If you make purchases with the card tied to the frequent flyer program, you’ll start saving up your miles. If you buy enough items over a long enough period of time, you can theoretically fly all the way to Australia or China without paying for your airfare.

As you can see, getting freebies is pretty easy as long as you figure out where to look. What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever gotten for free?

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