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5 Tips for Saving Money While Studying Abroad

studyabroadmoneyA life-changing study abroad trip can turn into a nightmare if your finances start running low or run out completely. It’s tempting to spend money on fine ethnic dining, a trip to the café every morning or buying expensive souvenirs for all your friends and family back home. But being smart about budgeting saves you from worrying about whether you’ll even have enough money to pay the baggage fee at the airport. Here are some tips for saving money while studying abroad.

1. Leave the cellphone at home

Most cellphones won’t work in other countries, anyway, and buying a cellphone abroad can get pretty expensive. Instead, take advantage of online communication. Email, blogging, social media and Skype are good alternatives – and they’re free. Skype, and even some email and social media sites, allow you to video chat with friends and family if you’re feeling homesick.

2. Walk whenever possible

There is no cheaper method of travel than walking. If you’re staying in a city, hoofing it is fairly easy and saves you money you would’ve spent on taxis or buses. Walking also lets you experience the country’s people and culture firsthand. Just make sure to pack a sturdy pair of walking shoes.

3. Eat cheaply

It’s okay to splurge on fine dining every once in a while, but eating at expensive restaurants every day will drain your finances. If possible, buy groceries from local stores or vendors and cook your own meals. When that’s not an option, eat at inexpensive restaurants, preferably those with student discounts, lunch and dinner specials.

4. Give yourself an allowance

Calculate your monthly expenses – including transportation, food, textbooks and entertainment – and withdraw the amount you’ll need each month. Don’t forget to withdraw a little more than needed in case of an emergency. This helps you keep track of your spending so it doesn’t get out of hand.

5. Safety first

It might not seem obvious, but staying safe while traveling is another way of saving money. Taking measures to hide your money and not wear expensive clothing or accessories makes you less likely to be robbed. Not jumping off that 20-foot cliff into the nearby lake reduces your chances of being rushed to the hospital. Being covered by an international student health insurance policy helps you avoid paying expensive hospital bills if you do decide to jump off said 20-foot cliff.

Being frugal while studying abroad is possible. Don’t let your trip abroad be ruined by making poor financial decisions. Make an effort to stick to your budget and take advantage of affordable or free activities, and you’ll be heading back to America with an intact bank account.

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One Response to “5 Tips for Saving Money While Studying Abroad”

  1. stunited says:

    I have read your content and its just amazing. I am student from Australia studying from last 2 years, i can understand how important is saving money while studying. I am saving in bank so i withdraw the money when its necessary , plan everything in minimum budget and use to travel in public transport.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing such an wonderful article for student who are studying in abroad or looking for studying in abroad…..