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3 Affordable Ways for the College Student to Make Memories

Group of friends at college campusForbes announced that the average U.S. student loan debt in 2012 climbed to more than $25,000. Can you afford to graduate with that level of debt? Try to minimize your debts by saving in small ways while on campus. Stick to a budget without sacrificing fun in the following three ways.


The National Institutes of Health reports that exercise improves your mental capacity and ability to succeed in school. Get out of the dorms and geocache with your friends using your cellphone GPS. While exploring your campus and nature, you’ll stay physically active, mentally alert and entertained without emptying your checking account.

Search for local geocache locations. Locate the coordinates on your phone, and head to the location. Search for the hidden items and replace it with a homemade beaded bracelet, colorful stone or dollar store toy. Document your adventure by signing the online logbook and add clues about the location for other geocache enthusiasts.

Concerts & Performances

Free concerts and music performances are culturally entertaining and a cheap date. Whether you’re into film or live performances, you don’t have to miss out on new shows just because you’re living on a college student’s budget. Visit your school’s website or Facebook page to stay updated on cultural events and activities, such as concerts, movie showings or plays. Gather a group of friends, a blanket, sodas, and a few snacks — you’re ready to enjoy the show!

Also, check out matinee performances at local theaters or look for discounted Telecharge tickets in your city. Tickets are more affordable than paying full price, and for a special occasion, you can check out traveling Broadway shows, concerts and dance performances.

Scavenger Hunt

The average gallon of gas costs around $3.50, according to AAA, so the college student will definitely save by walking instead of driving. Why not walk and have a good time? A scavenger hunt is a fun activity you can easily do right on campus or around town. Gather your dorm mates, sorority sisters or friends, and create a bizarre list of items to find or actions to perform. Have a blast by doing, finding and documenting the following:

  • Take a dip in a lake or river
  • Get the football coach’s autograph
  • Instagram a picture of the college’s president
  • Eat a chocolate chip cookie with a fraternity brother
  • Wear a swimsuit and goggles
  • Find a travel brochure to an international city
  • Gather 10 different cans of beer
  • Take a picture with 10 people in the library

Use your creativity to make this list. The more bizarre it is, the better. Give each team a list, make sure one person on each team can take a picture using their smartphone and set a time limit for when you’ll meet at the starting point. The first team to find all the items or document all the actions wins bragging rights as you stay entertained without spending a dime.

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One Response to “3 Affordable Ways for the College Student to Make Memories”

  1. Wonderful advice, I would also add potlucks! We used to gather the whole floor in our dorm to do potlucks and play games, everyone always had a blast!