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How To Score The Best Job During Your College Years!

gotjobsIf you are not just looking to make money while in college, but also want the jobs you take on to give you some experience to put on your resume, then this article is for you. The whole point of going to college is to get the education you need to get hired for the job you want. However, getting the right job doesn’t have to start after graduation. If you need to work while in college, you mine as well get jobs that will further your career and look great on your resume. We have some tips on how to get hired in your industry and some ideas for the best jobs for college students.

How to Get Hired in Your Industry

Getting hired for a job that will look great on your resume and further your career is obtainable, even if you are in college and have little or no experience. How can you do this?

1.       Make yourself look good on paper.  Show all relevant accolades from high school and college on your resume. Include volunteer work, internships, awards, scholarships, and anything that you are proud of academically or socially to show your worth.

2.       Make yourself look good on social media. Take care in what you post on your social profiles and make sure that you come off as a professional that a company would want to hire. This includes your Facebook page. Take down or lock down images that are personal and especially leave off any clues about partying in college.

3.       Interview well.  Study up on how to interview well and follow all the tips that are provided on how to perform well at an interview. One sure fire way to gain an advantage in an interview situation is to do some research about the company ahead of time. How do the employees dress? What other clues can you find about the way they do business?

4.       Show your willingness to go above and beyond. During your interview process, show your eagerness and willingness to adapt, learn, and fit in to the corporate culture of the company you are applying to work for. This is where doing your research about a company can also come in handy. Look them up on social media ahead of time, follow them on LinkedIn. See what they write about and what the company is up to according to their profiles.

5.       Make local LinkedIn connections. Search for individuals and businesses in your area and ask to connect. Look for local LinkedIn groups for interns or companies that are hiring.

Ideas for the Best Jobs for College Students

When you start your job search, where should you look? Instead of taking on any old job working at a restaurant or type of job unrelated to the field you want to go in try to get jobs that will look good on your resume and give you that much needed experience.

1.       Tap the LinkedIn connections you have made. Search the groups and send messages to contacts letting them know you are looking for work. If you are polite and courteous, you will find that people are very helpful.

2.       Look for opportunities where you can gain experience. Volunteering, speaking to other students, or starting a blog all can establish yourself as an authority on the topics in your area of expertise.

3.       Check with your school job placement department. Your school’s job placement department is not just there to place students in positions after they graduate.  You can contact them at any time for job placement assistance.

4.       Call local businesses. It never hurts to ask. Call local businesses in your field and ask if they are hiring or offering internships. Even if they say they are not, ask if you can still give them your resume. You can then mail or bring in a copy of your resume dressed in appropriate business attire. It will make a great impression.

5.       Start your own business. There is no better experience than your own. Establishing your own company is a great experience and could be the beginning of a beautiful entrepreneurship!

About the Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Josh Ferrell. He is a blogger and Brand Manager for He enjoys writing about career and college topics.

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