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Easy Money Saving Tips For First Year Students

emptywalletThe first year in college is the most challenging for a variety of reasons. For many it’s the first time living away from home and with independence comes adult responsibilities. One of the biggest lessons learnt by all first year students is how to manage money and live within their means.  To help you through the first year here are some simple money saving tips for freshman:

Take advantage of the library

Most campuses have extensive libraries that offer access to thousands of books and the internet. Rather than buying text books, see if the library has a copy or if they can source one for you. If an eBook alternative is available this is also a great way to cut back on costs and you can save plenty of cash by taking advantage of the facilities on offer.

Share resources with other students

Finding a roommate, joining a supper club or carpooling are all excellent ways of reducing costs and saving money. You can also club together with other students and buy in bulk to reduce food and other essential items’ prices. There are many ways you can save money if you use your imagination and team up with other students to cut back on costs.

Be creative with free time

A night out can easily cost you $50 but if you are creative there are many other fun activities at a fraction of the price. Check out which music venues, coffee shops and bars offer student discounts or invite friends round for a dinner where everyone brings an item to share. Instead of going to the cinema or buying expensive console games try out online and mobile iPad Casinos as possible lucrative entertainment options.

Alternative transport options

You may be one of the lucky students who have a car, but gas can be expensive. Wherever possible walk or cycle to classes and save your car for long distance journey’s.  Walking and cycling are also great ways to stay fit and can save you money on a gym membership! If you have to drive try and share with someone who will split gas costs or will lift you in return at a later stage.

These are just a few ways to save money in your first year of college and there are of course many more. Good luck!

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