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Working as a Tutor: The Perfect College Job

CollegeTutoringMuch of what you can do to make paying for college happens before you even arrive on campus; applying for scholarships, getting grants, choosing an in-state school, etc. But once you’re on campus, you may find that you want an on-campus job to give you some spending cash and help you pay for random expenses.

The bad news is that many on-campus jobs not only don’t pay super well, but also don’t really require the skills you’ve developed as a student/scholar. If you’re at a large research-based university, there may be opportunities to contribute to a research project in your field of study. But if not, working as a tutor is a great way to earn money, use your knowledge, and help other students — all at the same time. Three different approaching — online tutoring, on-campus tutoring, and private tutoring — can all be pretty lucrative, especially when compared with working at a coffee shop or in the library.

Work as an online tutor

Working as an online tutor allows you to help students out regardless of location. You can try to find students yourself, but one service that specifically recruits college students to work at tutors is They run the largest marketplace for online tutoring, connecting students who need help with online tutors, either for on-demand lessons or for scheduled lessons. Tutors all make $20/hour, pro-rated by the minute, and there’s no minimum time commitment, so it’s simple to hop online and work with students when your schedule is a little more open, or cut back when your schedule is more busy. If you’d like to work as a tutor, just fill out the online tutoring job application with your school information, academic backgrounds, and interests.

Go through your school

Many colleges and universities offer tutoring for students… from other students. Perhaps you took (and aced!) organic chemistry as a sophomore; as a junior, you’re now in a perfect position to help out a student who’s struggling with his or her own organic chemistry coursework. Great places to look for these types of positions are department list-serves as well as on-campus tutoring centers. A quick piece of advice: these types of tutoring jobs can get claimed quickly, so it’s best to look at the beginning of the school year.

Work with local students

Potentially the most lucrative of the three approaches, working with local elementary and high school student is a great way to make money on the side. Unlike working through university or online service, you can set your own rates, so you have the option to make a pretty nice hourly rate. Your challenge with this approach is that it can be difficult to find an initial group of students to work with. A few good places to look include your local Craigslist, asking professors if they have any ideas, or simply putting up fliers around local schools.

Finding a great job that pays you well, gives you time to study and pursue extracurriculars, and allows you to use some of the knowledge you’ve amassed in the last 18+ years is possible — if you take the time to find a tutoring job that works for you.

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  1. Sunshine1 says:

    You can also try hunting for typos at They actually pay you $2 for each finding. Not so much of a job but it is fun.


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