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Planning Ahead to Eat Right & Inexpensively in College

College may take a great deal of planning, but this next plan ahead idea is something that you can really enjoy. Plus, these plan ahead tips are going to help college students eat healthier and still stick to that challenging college student budget. We are going to show you how to plan ahead to be prepared to eat right and inexpensively while at college.

Slow Cooker

slowcookerSlow cookers are available in small, one serving sizes and can be bought very inexpensively at most discount stores like Target, Walmart, or Kohl’s. Slow cookers are also known by the popular brand name Crock Pot. You can prepare one pot meals in them, so it does not take up much space in your dorm room or apartment. The part that requires some planning ahead is learning a few simple recipes to prepare in the slow cooker. The types of soups and stews that can easily and inexpensively be prepared in the slow cooker make for comforting and healthy meals. Thousands of recipes can be found online. Even though the cooking time is long, you can put the ingredients in the pot before leaving for classes in the morning. You can add your choice of meat, vegetables, seasonings, and soup stock to create meals that are hot and ready when you come home from classes. Slow cookers are not just for preparing dinners, or even savory meals. You can get the recipe for a breakfast casserole and prepare that overnight in the slow cooker so that you can wake up to a delicious ready-made breakfast. Desserts can also be made in the slow cooker and are very inexpensive including rice pudding and cakes.

Food Steamer

FoodSteamerFood steamers are also small cooking devices that can easily be found at discount stores. You might think that only vegetables can be prepared in steamers, but just about anything can be cooked in a steamer. Since no oil or butter is added, it makes for very healthy meals; in addition, the foods that you steam do not lose as much vitamins and nutrients as they do through other cooking processes. In addition to steaming vegetables, you can steam fish, seafood, and Chinese dishes like dumplings, buns, and pot stickers.

Sandwich Press

SandwichPressA sandwich press is also known as a Panini press. They are also an inexpensive cooking device that can be very versatile. Many different sandwiches can be made and they make it easy to stick within a budget. However, you can use the sandwich press to make more than just sandwiches. Eggs and omelets can be made in the press, so can meats and other proteins. When you cook meats in the press, the fat runs out of the meat leaving a lean cut of grilled meat. Learning different recipes and practicing ahead of time will help you be ready to stick to a budget and still eat healthy, home cooked meals.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

BreakfastSandwichThis is relatively new kitchen gadgets that helps you easily and quickly prepare a sandwich for breakfast, or any time, of course. The sandwich maker is made from non-stick material, so clean up is a breeze. You can put in any variety of sandwich components in it and create your own healthy and inexpensive breakfast that you can even eat on the go if you have to.


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