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Technology Money-Saving Tips for Students

dollar-cuttingYou’re in college and it’s a great position to be in – the world respects you as an adult, but cuts you some slack when it comes to things adults are responsible for, because hey, you’re still learning right? One of the biggest changes you’re probably experiencing in your young, wild and free years is having to manage the money you spend on technology necessities in your home away from home such as cable, wireless, electricity bills, etc. Here are some technology money-saving tips for students new to the game we call life.

Get a Roku

Since you can basically almost watch anything using the almighty internet, forego the cable and invest in a Roku player. A Roku is capable of housing all your guilty-pleasure viewing platforms like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and HBO without having to connect to a computer. You end up saving money watching shows you actually choose to subscribe to as opposed to paying for expensive cable that you may only use five channels of.

Save Electricity

When you live with roommates, it can be hard to adjust to their living habits. Some may not turn off the lights to save energy, and it’s tough to tell someone you barely know how to live. Purchasing something like a Belkin Energy Saving Power Strip could do the trick without the imposition. With all the accessories that accompany a college student’s entertainment center – X-box, DVD, TV, Sound System, that’s a lot of energy-sucking devices plugged in. The strip automatically shuts off power for accompanying electronics once you switch off the TV, thus energy is conserved, lowering your electricity bill.

Socialize for Less  

College is a time dedicated to exploration, therefore making commitments are extra challenging – the same goes for contracts through wireless service providers. T-Mobile is defying the more pricey norm of restrictive data plans, becoming known as an “uncarrier” by offering the best monthly rates compared to other large wireless providers, no-contract phone plans, and free 4G LTE data so you can use as much Instagram and Spotify you want, wherever and whenever. Additionally, if you fly home from school for breaks, take note that T-Mobile is the only wireless company whose customers can text and send pictures, during flight. This is economically the best choice of wireless network (un)carrier financially and socially, both uber important for a student’s well-being.

Refurbished is the New “New”

Technological devices like laptops, tablets and phones are advancing at such a rapid pace these days, it’s almost impossible to consistently have the latest and greatest at an affordable price. And when you’re on a Ramen noodle diet, strapped for cash, it’s especially difficult to even afford “new” anything. Buying refurbished electronics is a smart alternative that helps you save money while still getting a quality product. As long as you do your research (reading reviews on sellers and such), purchase a refurbished device from a reliable retailer and it’ll feel like brand new. You probably won’t even have it for long before the next hot thing comes out making it really the best way to ball on a budget. Your peers won’t even know the difference – they’ll just think you have the newest generation iPhone out there.

You may have taken for granted having easy access to endless “free” web surfing that the ‘rents took care of, but now, you get it. By implementing a few of these tech money-saving methods, you’ll be one step ahead of the game in this exciting new chapter of the real world.

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