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Spring Break: Are You Ready?

happy spring breakSpring break is just around the corner. This is your chance to get away from school without going home. Go somewhere fun! offers several suggestions. Whether you’re packing up your buddy’s car for a road trip or are saving up some money for a plane ticket, spring break can cost you if you don’t plan ahead. So how do you keep your costs to a minimum? Here’s a checklist for you and your friends so you don’t waste that hard-earned cash.

Operation Destination

Key West, New Orleans or Las Vegas — no matter where you are headed, it might be a good idea to rent a car. Stay safe while on unfamiliar streets though. Remember each state has different traffic regulations, so if you plan to rent a car, familiarize yourself with the driving laws in the states you might be visiting.

If you’re heading out on a road trip there are some essential items you’ll probably want to take with you. Sunglasses are a must, as well as a smartphone for the long drive. If you don’t have a GPS in your car, it can be a nice addition. Your smartphone likely has GPS, but unless you have an unlimited data plan it’s a good idea to get a designated GPS so you aren’t wasting your data and being charged for overages.

To save money, plot out your route before setting off. This way you won’t get lost and waste gas and time.

What to Bring

What you’ll need will always depend on your destination. But since it’s spring break there are some essentials that can’t be overlooked: a swimsuit, sunblock, a nice shaded hat. Don’t forget chargers for your phone, and your Kindle loaded up with a couple books you’ve been wanting to read.

It might surprise you, but it’s a good idea to take one change of warm clothing. Sometimes cold fronts can move in, even to the most tropical and warm of places.

Plan Ahead

Students don’t have a lot of money, and spring break adventures can be costly, so saving is essential.

There are tons of fees at the beginning of every school quarter. Buy used textbooks each quarter and sell back the textbooks you won’t need anymore. If you can get around with public transportation or a bicycle, drop the car back at the parents’ place. Car insurance, gas and maintenance can really put a drain on your finances. Keep track of your money with one of these two helpful financial resources: or If push comes to shove, the last course of action can be to offload some of the things you might not need. In that case Craigslist can be an invaluable resource when it comes to rounding out the money you will need to have an unforgettable spring break adventure.

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