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How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

CollegeVacationYou’re a student and working diligently toward your educational goals. Often times, it can feel as though your head is always in the books. When time off finally rolls around, you’re ready for a study detox treatment. If, like most students, you are living on a tight budget, don’t worry when vacation time rolls around and your wallet is a little light. You have options!

Pack Your Suitcase
Some people have a notion that travel is completely out of their reach. Travel is so exotic and luxurious sounding that without even exploring their options, a person can automatically dismiss the idea that a much-deserved vacation is within their budget.

Is travel really so out of reach? Perhaps not. Sites such as StudentUniverse offer free student memberships which provide access to some pretty impressive discounts on flights, hotels and tour packages. As one of the biggest travel companies in the world, you can bet they are busy negotiating affordable travel options for their members.
Surprisingly, one of the most overlooked vacations are all-inclusive resort packages. For as little as a few hundred dollars, you can score an all-inclusive getaway at a beautiful resort in the Dominican Republic with food, beverage and sometimes even transportation, included. Staying at an all-inclusive resort is a quick and easy way to convert your vacation fantasy into a reality.

For those who need to stick a little closer to home base, there is always the “staycation”. Making a vacation out of staying local doesn’t have to be uneventful. Tapping into resources like Groupon can yield some pretty big surprises. Groupon has evolved into a fabulous resource for deep discounts on everything from food and entertainment, to spa services and gift items. Known initially for “buy one, get one” offers, Groupon has expanded its horizons and truly has great deals for every budget.

Frugally Creative

Now is certainly not the time to let being frugal deem you boring. There are plenty of fun activities you can explore this summer without breaking the bank. The next few months are the most popular times for concerts, fairs and festivals. Have a favorite band you’ve been wanting to check out but didn’t have time because of finals? Take a road trip and catch a show from your favorite musician in person.

Summertime is all about fairs and festivals. These inexpensive events are a great way to see what your community has to offer, from rides to food to artwork, there is plenty to see and do. If you want to explore other regions of the world but don’t have the resources to do so, visit a museum. This is a great way to get perspective on different countries without having to physically travel to them. If you prefer to stay local, ride the train to an area of the city you’ve always wanted to explore.

Whatever your budget, the most important thing is to nourish and rejuvenate your body and mind. Grab a friend, share some good deals and remember that resourcefulness can be as good as cash.

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