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5 Free Online Resources for College Students

mobileappsBe it studying, group collaboration or money budgeting, there are so many free online resources college students can tap into for help. These five apps and sites will make your experience everything it’s supposed to be.


Whether you’re studying abroad in a foreign country or taking a required foreign language class, the DuoLingo app can get you through the semester. You can learn any language and for free! There are various lessons that let you practice speaking, listening and translations skills. The app is set up in a way where challenges are used to motivate to make progress as you learn a new language. The in-lesson grading component further helps you improve by letting you see which answers you got correct or wrong so you can see where there’s room for improvement. Need more practice? You can further immerse yourself in the language by streaming TV shows in the language you are studying.  Go to the setting in your tv and swap the language or subtitles to the language you are studying. The more you hear a language in conversation the quicker it is to pick up. When you don’t have someone to practice with listening or reading it as you watch your favorite movie is the next best thing.


Quizlet is a site that is made for students by students. If you’re taking a certain course and have various online quizzes or homework, chances are you can practice learning the same exact material on Those who have taken the same course as you prior have shared those same questions and answers from their coursework. You can customize the way you want to learn the material. For instance, the platform can curate certain definitions, facts and questions in a flashcard format, interactive challenges, quizzes or simply just list in a Q&A format for review.

Google Docs

Many college courses require group projects and collaboration. It can often be hard to get everyone together in the same room to work on the same presentation or paper. Google Docs is a great way to share and edit living and breathing documents between you and your classmates. All you need to do is start or upload a document for others in the group to add their part to it and make revisions from there. At the end of the day, the platform encourages the ultimate sense of teamwork.

Cite This For Me

After writing pages upon pages of a research paper, the last thing you want to do when it’s complete is figure out how to put together a bibliography. There’s so many different rules regarding formatting and style to keep track of, why not use the online resources that are available to do the groundwork for you. Cite This For Me is powered by Chegg, is an online tutoring and course-help service. The service will cite whatever material you used for you, be it a website, book, journal, magazine, documentary or show. You also can select the style in which you wish to format the bibliography whether it be APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago.


When everyone’s on a student budget, every penny counts. Large group outings like dinners and nights on the town can become a nightmare when the bill comes. To make sure everyone’s paying their share without going through the hassle of figuring out how to split the bill, use the Splitwise app. Share you bills and IOUs to friends easily. The app helps you keep tabs on what you owe to others and what others owe you throughout all your social outings.

These free and very relevant online resources will make your college experience so much easier and worth every dime of tuition.

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