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About was founded in 2009 by a college administrator that has witnessed first-hand the growing need for continued assistance, support, and counseling to families that are struggling to make the college experience not only attainable but most importantly affordable. The purpose of is to provide families and their students with the financial tools, resources, and knowledge that will assist in their pursuit of a college education. We feel that we can accomplish this goal by doing the following:

  • Keep Families Informed! We provide current news and events impacting the financial aspect of a student’s educational experience. Some topics for consideration include: FAFSA updates, Reviews and Comparisons of Educational Loan Programs, Scholarship Opportunities, Tuition Pricing, New Grant Programs (state & federal), Important Changes in Higher Education Policy and Procedures, Updates from the Department of Education, Etc…
  • Answering Questions! At we understand that the financial aid process and paying for college can be a challenging task. We also know that it is very common for families and students to have questions along the way. We are here to help!
  • Keeping It Simple! We are sure that you find this hard to believe, especially given the topics we are certain to encounter, but we will do our best to keep this a JARGON FREE zone. If at anytime we have to use terms or acronyms that can easily be construed as confusing, we will be sure to provide a quick and simple definition.
  • Providing Great Networking! By visiting, you will have the ability to share your own successes and challenges that you have experienced along the way on varying topics and with different college campuses.
  • Bringing In The Experts! We invite professionals from their respective fields to discuss mainline topics impacting the affordability and accessibility of higher education. Some examples of people we encourage to participate are: High School Counselors, College Administrators, Lender Representatives, The Department of Education, Etc…

We understand the increasing costs of education and the impact that it is having on families and their students throughout the nation. We hope that through the use of we are able to “spread the wealth” of our combined knowledge, on matters pertaining to the funding and paying of higher education expenses, and make available the college experience for all those that are seeking.

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