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Georgia College System Approves 16% Tuition Increase

Georgia College System Approves 16% Tuition Increase

GeorgiaBoardofRegentsAnother state college system bites the dust.. not literally.. I just mean that a long line of public colleges have been adopting higher and higher tuition increases to make up for the reduced funding being provided by their respective state budgets and now the great state of Georgia is following suit.

The Georgia Board of Regents recently approved tuition increases for the 2010-2011 academic year ranging from a low of 4% to an all-time high of 16% for the 35 public colleges and universities. The research institutions are being hit the hardest (16% increase) while the community colleges are only going to experience the 4% bump in fees.

The tuition increases are expected to cover about $80 million of the $227 million dollars reduced in the state budget for higher education.  “Over the last few years, we have had an economic tsunami like none of us has ever experienced,” Usha Ramachandran, vice chancellor for fiscal affairs at the University System of Georgia, told the board.

The following is a comprehensive spreadsheet reflecting all the tuition rates for each college and university falling under the management of the Georgia Board of Regents.

Tuition Rates (Per Semester) Academic Year 2010-2011

If you are a student or family from the Georgia College System and need assistance to help absorb this increase in tuition, check out my article for approaches to paying for college (after the first year). Hopefully it gives you some insight to help make the impact on your checkbook much lighter.

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