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Princeton University Sets The Pace For Tuition Increases

Princeton University Sets The Pace For Tuition Increases

The Board of Directors and Board of Regents for many colleges and universities will convene over the next quarter to establish the tuition rates for their respective institutions for the coming year. While we would all prefer to experience tuition freezes, or even better yet, tuition decreases, the fact of the matter is that the majority of schools will be increasing tuition and fees for the next academic year.

Princeton University is the first school that I have seen come forward and announce what the impact on tuition will be for their incoming and returning students next year. And I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Princeton is going to increase tuition and room charges by 1% and meal plans will receive a 2% bump. So, an undergraduate that plans to live on campus next year can expect to pay a total of $49,069. ($37,000 for tuition, $6596 for the dorm room,  and $5473 for the meal plan) This is just the sticker price because we all know that Princeton is one of the top financial aid schools in the country.

Provost Christopher Eisgruber shared the following statement: “In a year when Princeton had done relatively well and many families continued to struggle, we felt it appropriate to hold down the increase to the fee package to levels consistent with the very low inflation rates experienced by the university.”

So the question that comes to mind for new and returning students across the nation, is Princeton’s approach on a minimal tuition increase going to be the litmus test for how other schools move forward with their individual rate adjustments in the coming year? In a world of double digit tuition increases, I guess time will tell but I personally remain optimistic! 😉

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Summer College Tuition Deals Are Coming!

Summer College Tuition Deals Are Coming!

SummerCollegeWe have all known that summer school is a great time to load up on quality classes at bargain basement prices. However, it appears that the summer session tuition pricing is getting better and better for credit hungry students. A few weeks ago, I posted an article about how Otterbein College was offering summer credit hours at a 25% discount rate in the great state of Ohio. Now it appears that some colleges in New Jersey are stepping up to the plate and trying to increase summer enrollment with some great offers as well.

St. Peters College
is a small private Jesuit college boasting an enrollment of 3000 students on two campuses (Jersey City & Englewood Cliffs) and they are the first college in New Jersey to come out of the gate with a buy one summer class get a second summer class for 50% off. This is the second year that St. Peters will be offering this deal to students.

After Saint Peter’s advertised its deal last year, students completed 18 percent more summer credit hours, said Terence Peavy, the school’s vice president for admissions and marketing. “It’s a very smart initiative,” Peavy said. “A lot of people took us up on the offer.”

The savings for a student taking two 3 credit hour courses equates to almost a $1000 dollars. Certainly makes for a nice incentive to enroll in summer classes!

Saint Peter’s is not the only educational institution in New Jersey looking to score some extra students for summer session. Centenary College is offering free summer housing. The only requirement is that you enroll in at least 2 courses during the first summer session.

My guess is that other schools (maybe in your area of the country) will be providing incentives and discounts for students looking to take some summer courses. If you know of a school, or work at or attend a school, that is providing some great summer deals, please feel free to let us all know in the comments section below. We definitely enjoy affordable college tuition when the opportunity presents itself.

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