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Oregon Opportunity Grant Exceeds Budget By $19 Million

Oregon Opportunity Grant Exceeds Budget By $19 Million

The Oregon Opportunity Grant is a need-based grant that was established in 1971 to help Oregon students obtain their educational goals of going to college. It has been a successful program and has done very well in administering funds from the state budget… until now.

For the current academic year, the Student Assistance Commission (SAC) was provided a budget of $67 million dollars to grant to Oregon students attending participating Oregon colleges and universities. The problem came about earlier this year when the Commission announced that they had exceeded their budget by a minimum of $10 million dollars and once all is said and done that overage may reach $19 million dollars.

So whats the solution… The state appropriated an additional $9.7 million dollars to help offset the added expense but it appears that the SAC will be denying more of the grant applications this coming academic year to help bring the budget back in line.

My suggestion to Oregon students is to complete your FAFSA early this year to ensure receipt of the Oregon Opportunity Grant. The SAC states that they will not process awards for any students that submit their FAFSA after August 15th. They did say that they would consider applicants after the deadline but only if additional funding is made available (which is probably not likely).

The following is video coverage from a local news station:

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