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Virginia Colleges Raise Tuition & State Reduces Grants

Virginia Colleges Raise Tuition & State Reduces Grants

Virginia has 15 public four-year colleges and universities canvasing the state and providing educational opportunities to tens of thousands of students.  Given the large cuts in taxpayer support (state subsidies), these students will now be getting the benefit of paying more for their tuition at all of these schools for the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year (a current list of tuition and fees can be found below).

Governor Bob McDonnell recognizes that annual increases in tuition will not be able to sustain the multi-million dollar budgets of these educational institutions for the long-term. His approach to a solution is to create an education commission consisting of college presidents and legislative law makers. They will be charged with the responsibility of creating and presenting a proposal by the end of November that will change the outlook of the budget stricken public colleges and universities in Virginia without adding extra expense to the tax payers and extra tuition (steep) increases to students. Certainly sounds like they have a tough task ahead of them. If they need a solution though, they can always follow suit with Zimbabwe’s proposal…

The information above only impacts those students attending Virginia’s public colleges and universities. However, it appears that students attending private institutions of higher education will not be without cuts as well. The Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant program awards state funded money to all Virginia residents that choose to go to private schools in the state of Virginia.  They recently announced that each qualifying student will still get an award but it will now be reduced by $400. It is estimated that this reduction will impact approximately 22,000 Virginia students.

If you are a student attending a college or university in the state of Virginia, feel free to check out my college affordability article to help give you some ideas on how to reduce the impact that these tuition increases and grant decreases have on your bottom line. In addition, don’t hesitate to check out my tips on finding scholarships.

Here is a list of the 15 public colleges and universities in Virginia and their expected tuition expenses for the coming 2010-2011 academic year:

  • Virginia Military Institute: $12,328 ($19,460 including mandatory room and board)
  • College of William and Mary: $12,188
  • University of Virginia: $10,628
  • Longwood University: $9,855
  • Virginia Tech: $9,589
  • Christopher Newport University: $9,250
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: $8,817
  • George Mason University: $8,686
  • University of Mary Washington: $7,862
  • James Madison University: $7,860
  • Old Dominion University: $7,708
  • Radford University: $7,694
  • University of Virginia College at Wise: $7,194
  • Virginia State University: $6,570
  • Norfolk State University: $6,226

Here are in-state rates at two-year public colleges:

  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College: $109.60 per credit hour
  • John Tyler Community College: $107.50 per credit hour
  • Richard Bland College: $3,284 (annual)

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