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See New York City Art This Summer Without Breaking the Bank

botanicalgardenA summer trip to New York City offers theater and art students a way to experience galleries, shows and performances. Most students are unable to splurge on many expensive New York City activities, but there are still opportunities to experience the city’s culture on a student budget. If you are eager to witness your classroom instruction coming alive, consider these budget-savvy options:

Museum of Modern Art: Manhattan

If you want to experience modern art, you are in for a treat. On Fridays from 4 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., admission to MoMA is absolutely free. If you want to take a look at the sculpture garden, it is free every morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. If you can’t make these limited hours, student prices are only $14.

Brooklyn Academy of Music: Brooklyn

Are you interested in listening to jazz or experimental music? On select Fridays and Saturdays from September to May, the Brooklyn Academy of Music offers free concerts to the public.

New York Botanical Gardens: Bronx

From May through November, more than a dozen of Frida Kahlo’s drawings and paintings will be on display in the New York Botanical Gardens. The solo exhibition will highlight how the outdoors and nature affected her work. You don’t have to pay full price to see her acclaimed art, either. With a student ID, art students only pay $18 for admission.

Broadway: New York City

Although you may think that a Broadway show is out of your price range, there are plenty of summer deals. For example, students are offered the option to watch a matinee on Wednesdays and Fridays at a discounted price. And for popular shows like “The Book of Mormon” that frequently sell out, standing room tickets are available for $27.

Small Art Galleries: Around Town

A well-known secret in New York City is that many of the art galleries around town are either free to peruse or only have a $20 entry fee. These galleries give you a chance to see different types of art and how small galleries operate.

David Zwirner Gallery: Soho

The David Zwirner gallery is extremely popular and often has long lines outside of its exhibitions. One of the gallery’s major themes is infinity, as seen by Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms that were featured last year. The gallery also hosts mainstream artists.

Gagosian Gallery: Manhattan

This gallery boasts a global reach with locations in Los Angeles, London, Paris and Rome. Andy Warhol, Damon Hierst and Richard Serra represent a small sample of the artists featured in this contemporary and modern art gallery.

Sean Kelly Gallery: Midtown

Robert Mapplethorpe and Marina Abramović are two famous contemporary artists the Sean Kelly Gallery features in its space. If you gravitate toward unconventional and international art, you will love perusing this gallery.

SummerStage: All 5 Burroughs

For over 30 years, SummerStage has been New York’s premiere concert series. There are over 100 highly-accessible and free performances that include bands from around the world, kid-friendly events, and theatrical and dance productions.

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6 Ways to Save on Entertainment Costs for College Students

entertainmentHopefully before you started college, you applied for financial aid. And with any luck, you scored a scholarship, and maybe a grant or two. With the help of your aid package, you probably feel confident that you can finance your education, but student aid doesn’t cover entertainment expenses. To offset the cost of movies, travel, and parties, it’s important to adopt a frugal mindset. Use these tips to save on entertainment while in school.

1. Use Your ID Card
Your student ID card presents numerous opportunities to save, both on campus and off. Most universities work with local businesses to provide discounts to students who present their cards, so always keep your ID handy – it might score you a free drink or a buy-one, get-one deal at a nearby bowling alley. Also know that your card provides free or discounted entry to many on-campus entertainment options, such as sporting events, concerts, and movies.

2. Ask for Discounts
Be sure to ask about student discounts wherever you go. Most large entertainment venues, including minor league sporting events, movie theaters, and even ski resorts, are happy to cater to students by offering a better deal.

3. Cook in
Cooking in can save you money while providing a night of entertainment. Grab your roommate, hit the grocery store, and pick up whatever you need to cook lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, or fajitas. Then consider selling your leftovers to other students cramming for finals or looking for a late-night meal. You’re not only saving money, you’re generating it. You can even lower your expenses by clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or looking them up on a mobile app, such as Pushpins.

4. Entertain In-Room
Do you need a night off from your studies? Enjoy in-room fun rather than hitting the town. Classic board games, such as Pictionary or Scattergories, are good options, as are Apples to Apples and card games like Spoons. Rent movies from a Redbox kiosk at roughly $1 per day, then grab your friends for a low-key night in.

5. Limit the Keg Parties
Keg parties are fun, there’s no doubt. But if you’re required to pitch in for the cost of beer, or you’re asked to provide some of your own beer and snacks as backup, a single night out can really add up. Besides, attending class with a hangover won’t do much for your GPA.

6. Participate in Intramural Sports
Intramural sports represent a great way to spend some of your down time. If you’re talented at basketball, baseball, or even flag football, you can get active and have fun for next to nothing.

It may seem like putting entertainment expenses on a credit card is no big deal, but those bills are likely to come back to bite you down the road. Not only is credit card debt expensive (all those interest payments add up), but if you make credit card use a habit, it’ll be hard to break later. Instead, develop a frugal mindset. If you can start saving money while in school, you’ll be prepared to start paying off your student loans after you graduate.

What are some other ways to save on entertainment costs while in college?

About The Author:

Today’s guest article comes from Gary Richardson. He is a financial writer who shares tips about saving money, banking, and getting the most out of college – all while staying within budget.

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